Break It Down Elmo dances for our sins

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/22425001/vp/23724089#23724089 Clearly this Elmo thing is going too far. When Elmo exhorts us to get on up like Flava circa 1990, things need to change.

Elmo doll tells two-year-old he's going to kill him

This is yet another reason why I hate dolls. I soiled myself every time a new Chucky movie came out. There’s just something about the possibility of these little bastards coming to life and slic

'Elmo Live' at Toy Fair 2008

Here’s a video from Toy Fair 2008 sent to us from Fisher Price. It includes footage of the new “Elmo Live” doll that’ll undoubtedly be making kids go absolutely ape until their

Tickle Me Elmo 2

Not to be a nerd, but look at how fluidly this thing moves. Amazing work, especially on a toy. [Thanks, Orli!]