• Personalized News Aggregation: News360 Launches Version 2.0

    Personalized News Aggregation: News360 Launches Version 2.0

    Cross-platform newsreader application News360 launched into version 2.0 today, a significant update that introduces its new personalization features. The news reader now learns from your activity on social Web services, including Facebook, Twitter, Google Reader and Evernote, in order to present you with stories that fit your interests. But unlike some of its competitors, which there are now… Read More

  • Twitter Turns On The Firehose For Realtime Search Startups

    When it comes to getting access to all the data that flows through Twitter, there are the 50,000 apps that drink from Twitter’s Streaming API, which is subject to various limits. And then there are the chosen few who get the full unlimited firehose of data, the more than 50 million Tweets a day coursing through Twitter. In the past, only select partners, particularly big search engines… Read More

  • The Ellerdale Project Mines The Semantic Web To Help You Make Sense Of Real-Time Streams

    Extracting meaning from the Web is a difficult undertaking. Keyword search skims the surface of contextual meaning that is locked in Web pages, Tweets and feeds. That’s where semantic search comes in. The semantic web deals with looking beyond simple links that make up the web to understand a deeper meaning and context behind that content. The Ellerdale Project, which launched in alpha… Read More