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Samsung is aiming to widen access to contactless payments

While Samsung's most high profile contactless payment push is the eponymous Samsung Pay -- aka its mobile payments product, which competes with the likes of Apple Pay and Android Pay -- the company is

Social payments startup Circle rolls into Europe

It may have started as a Bitcoin wallet but veteran entrepreneur Jeremy Allaire's fintech startup Circle has since shifted focus to social payments, launching an app in Q4 last year that lets users se

How Venmo Won In One Of The Most Crowded Spaces In Tech

Seamless peer-to-peer mobile payments have been considered inevitable for quite a while. And for good reason: One experience figuring out the bill at a group dinner party or splitting the cost of a we

ShapeShift, A Cool Cryptocurrency Converter, Clinches $1.6 Million In Cash

Do you need Clams? Nucoin? ShapeShift.io is here to help. This oddly simple system is a universal and anonymous cryptocurrency converter created by one of the pioneers in bitcoin, Erik Voorhees. How d

Video: Japanese Company Offers E-Money Wristband

<img src="http://www.crunchgear.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/Picture-1.png" /> Have you ever wanted to do some shopping when you were out jogging or taking the dog for walk - without the hassle of