Electronic Communications Privacy Act

Email privacy could be a quick win for Trump and Congress

Congress could chalk up a quick, easy bipartisan victory for taxpayers if both the House and Senate determined to pass the Email Privacy Act as early as possible, and send it to President Trump for si

A bill requiring the government to obtain a warrant to search your email just flew through the House

A bill set to update online privacy laws dating back three decades just cruised through the House by unanimous vote for the second time. The bipartisan bill known as the Email Privacy Act (H.R. 387),

Microsoft triumphs in warrant case against U.S. Government

In a surprise federal court ruling, Microsoft has won its lawsuit against the United States Government over a warrant for a customers’ emails. The company has been fighting since 2013 to resist

A VHS-era privacy law in the Digital Age

As demonstrated by the overwhelming bipartisan support to overhaul the Electronic Communications Privacy Act, privacy laws passed in the 1980s are difficult to apply to today’s technology. Nowhere i

Microsoft sues Justice Department for transparency in government data searches

Microsoft sued the Justice Department today, challenging the constitutionality of the gag orders issued by the government that prevent tech companies from informing their customers when their data

House committee votes unanimously for Email Privacy Act

Maybe you've delighted in reading some of Hillary Clinton's more humorous emails, released in several stages over the past year — there's the one where she calls Harriet Tubman her "home girl," or t

Congress Takes Up Email Privacy Reform. Again.

Two bills, one apiece in the upper and lower chambers of Congress, were introduced today aimed at reforming email privacy. They mark another attempt by the nation's legislative bodies at reforming the

A Free Internet, If You Can Keep It

<b>Editor's note:</b> <em><a target="_blank" href="http://lofgren.house.gov/"></a><a target="_blank" href="http://lofgren.house.gov/">U.S. Rep. Zoe Lofgren</a> (D), a senior member of the House Judic