• Spooky sounds from your Telecaster

    Do not adjust your computer because Bill Ruppert has put together a nice set of sound effects using only EHX pedals and some creativity. I love how he makes a clock sound with just the pick-up switch and then adds in some bells for spooky effect. Read More

  • Video: Ears-on with Electro-Harmonix's POG2 effects pedal

    Sorry for the clipping but this sucker was loud. This is Electro-Harmonix’s local tester running the POG2 pedal through its paces. The pedal makes a standard guitar sound like a harpsichord and an organ. The POG2 will take you even higher. Use the new attack control to fade in lush, smooth swells. Tune in the new second sub-octave to reach deeper than ever before. The 2-pole resonant… Read More

  • Electro-Harmonix and social media: You're doing it right

    I just took a tour of the Electro-Harmonix factory in Queens, New York and came away with an interesting bit of information. Their lead web guy, Scott Matthews, has created a number of systems to connect musicians and EHX products in ways that I’ve never seen on other conventional music supply sites. EHX is famous. They’ve been making pedals and effects since 1968 and the sounds… Read More

  • Hands on with the new Electro-Harmonix Rock Band 2 stomp box

    Electro-Harmonix, pedal designers since 1968, have added a little of their effects magic to Rock Band 2 in the form of this cool new Overdrive pedal. Instead of shaking your guitar like a madman you calmly and professionally tap the main button on this effect, sending your riffs into the heavens with extra overdrive. Read More

  • Inside the Electro-Harmonix factory

    Joel at BBG got some great footage of the Electro-Harmonix factory, makers of the Voice Box that we showed you a few days ago. Apparently this little Mom and Pop in Long Island City makes most of the vacuum tubes for the world, an amazing feat in today’s transistorized world. Great stuff from a great company. Read More