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  • Bus/Tram Combo Charges Battery As It Picks Up Passengers

    Bus/Tram Combo Charges Battery As It Picks Up Passengers

    German researchers are testing a unique form of public transportation that borrows the best from busses, electric cars, trains and trams without contributing emissions. The vehicle, named AutoTram, is fully electric, but instead of running on a single charge, it charges when it stops, gaining enough power in 30 seconds to move another mile. The project comes from the Fraunhofer Institute… Read More

  • Coulomb Tweaks Electric Vehicle Chargers For Europe, Ready For Nissan LEAF

    Coulomb Technologies — a Campbell, Calif. company that makes electric vehicle charging stations, related apps and network technology — today revealed new features and certifications that should help the company grow its business in European markets, and prepare for the Nissan LEAF to hit the streets. One new feature of the company’s ChargePoint network allows… Read More

  • Brammo's Newest Electric Motorcycle, The Enertia Plus, Gets 80 Miles Per Charge

    The Oregon based electric motorcycle company, Brammo, today announced and began taking pre-orders for the Enertia Plus, the company’s fifth and latest model. Set for delievery in 2011, the Enertia Plus comes with a 6.0 kWh Brammo Power Lithium Ion battery pack, and a manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $8,995.
    (Electric motorcycles can qualify for federal and state tax rebates… Read More

  • The All-Electric Coda Sedan, Made In California And China, Coming To U.S. Markets

    A new electric vehicle, the Coda Sedan, is set to hit the streets stateside, starting in California in 2010 and expanding sales to Hawaii in 2011. In the U.S. the Coda Sedan is priced to compete with the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf at $44,900 before federal and state discounts or incentives. Reports by Car And Driver revealed that the Coda Sedan is a four-door, five-seat, totally electric… Read More

  • Israeli Company Perfecting 59 Second EV Charge

    How do you recharge an electric vehicle in 59 seconds? Simple. You swap out the battery. Tokyo’s largest taxi company has been testing a rather surprising and innovative method of extending the range on their electric fleet: swapping out the battery. Makes sense really, if you think about it. Read More

  • NY, NJ Parking Lots Sign Up to Charge Electric Vehicles

    The Car Charging Group, Inc. (CCGI) this weekend announced a partnership with LAZ Parking in New York and New Jersey to begin outfitting its facilities with smart, electric vehicle charging stations. The Miami-based CCGI installs and maintains electric vehicle charging stations in government-owned lots, and at commercial sites like shopping malls, hotels, stadiums and corporate parking garages. Read More

  • More electric vehicles: Japan wants mass adoption of "green" cars

    If there is one country that really believes in the future of electric (battery-powered) vehicles (cars, bikes and even trains), then it’s Japan. And now the country decided it’s time to remove a major barrier to mass adoption: The lack of a large-scale infrastructure with highly standardized norms. Read More

  • America helps Japan in the distribution of electric car stations

    Palo Alto-based Better Place, a company that builds electric-vehicle networks and is led by famous entrepreneur Shai Agassi, announced it will help the Japanese government in a pilot project to encourage the use of green cars in the country. Better Place will build battery exchange stations in Nippon so that drivers of electric vehicles can change drained batteries to charged ones quickly… Read More

  • Can Toyota's Winglet become a Segway killer?

    Toyota says it’s newest invention, the Winglet, is a personal assistant robot but their move rather resembles an open attack at Segway. The vehicle the world’s biggest manufacturer of automobiles presented today will feature an electric motor, two wheels and a set of sensors to ensure stability. Just like its American counterpart, the Winglet (odd name) is ridden in a standing… Read More

  • Electric Minis on sale next summer

    Nobody knows exactly when, how many will be available, their price, charge time, range, or pretty much anything about the electric vehicles BMW is planning on selling. But we do know that they plan on selling them, probably in about a year. Not really big news unless you were one of those people planning on investing in an electric car sometime in the middle of 2009. Oh wait, that’s… Read More

  • Japanese carmakers try to declare Li-ion batteries winner for electric vehicles

    Toyota, Nissan and Matsushita have formed an alliance to attempt to create a worldwide standard for Li-ion batteries for automotive use. If they succeed in convincing the International Organization for Standardization that Li-ion batteries are the best way to charge the upcoming onslaught of commercial electric vehicles, the involved companies will certainly hold the advantage. Read More