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Pitch Deck Teardown: Orange’s $2.5M seed deck

Orange is taking a different approach to EV charging, and it shared with us the deck it used to raise a $2.5 million seed round.

Smart electric panel company Span gets a $90M jolt of cash

The lowly breaker panel has been around for a century without getting much love, and along comes Span. The company is making a compelling bid for better, smarter electrical panels, and just got a $90

EV charging companies push faster at-home charges, V2G and connectivity at CES

EV charging companies have been showing their wares at CES for years now. But this year, the stakes — and opportunities — are a bit higher. With dozens of electric passenger cars and commercial fl

Ample’s John de Souza on the merits of B2B, company culture and investors who get it

Ample co-founder John de Souza shared the merits of a B2B GTM strategy, how to create a fun and functional company culture and what it takes to go after the idea most people say won't work.

Tesla is opening its Supercharger network to other EVs for the first time

Tesla is rolling out a pilot program in the Netherlands that opens 10 Supercharger locations to non-Tesla electric vehicles for the first time. Non-Tesla drivers that want to use a Supercharger locati

GM is upping its investment in charging infrastructure to increase confidence in EVs

General Motors will be upping its investment in electric vehicle charging infrastructure by nearly three-quarters of a billion dollars, in a bid to lure drivers who may otherwise be leery of charging

Security flaws found in popular EV chargers

U.K. cybersecurity company Pen Test Partners has identified several vulnerabilities in six home electric vehicle charging brands and a large public EV charging network. While the charger manufacturers