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Acquired by Mercedes-Benz, YASA’s revolutionary electric motor is set for big things

Back in July, YASA (formerly Yokeless And Segmented Armature), a British electric motor startup with a revolutionary “axial-flux” motor, was acquired by Mercedes-Benz. The acquisition didn

Sustainable tech developer Turntide Technologies raises $225M

Turntide Technologies, a sustainable technology developer, has announced $225 million in convertible note financing that it says will help fund projects to reduce carbon emissions in the commercial bu

Why you’re about to see a lot of drifting Tesla Model 3 videos

Tesla Model 3 owners who opted for the Performance variant now have a reason to go to the track. Or, if history is a guide, they’ll skip the track and try the newly released Track Mode software

Elmodis raises a $4.9M round to find the soul of a new machine

Like the boy in Iron Giant, Elmodis watches massive machines to ensure they don’t break or, worse, hurt people. The company recently raised $4.9 million to manage this task in addition to their