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  • Is There A Smoother Road To Success For Tesla In China? Crunch Network

    Is There A Smoother Road To Success For Tesla In China?

    Things weren’t looking good for Tesla in China in early 2015. The luxury automaker faced tax breaks that favor domestic manufacturers, complex local license-plate laws and an army of sophisticated domestic copycats. Such hurdles are to be expected when any U.S. tech startup expands into China, but they seemed to hit Elon Musk’s Silicon Valley darling particularly hard. Read More

  • Mysterious Tesla Rival Faraday Future Backed By Netflix Of China, LeTV

    Mysterious Tesla Rival Faraday Future Backed By Netflix Of China, LeTV

    There’s been much speculation lately about who’s behind the mysterious electric car company Faraday Future, based in Gardena, California. While some believe it to be a front for Apple’s electric car project, that isn’t likely. More definite signs point to backing from Chinese technology company LeTV. For one, chairman of LeTV Jia Yueting once compared Apple to Hitler on… Read More

  • GM Announces All-Electric Chevy Spark EV, Plus New Concept Car Chevy EN-V

    GM Announces All-Electric Chevy Spark EV, Plus New Concept Car Chevy EN-V

    This week, GM announced it will launch an all-electric vehicle under the Chevrolet brand, the Spark EV. The car is basically an electric version of the Spark mini-car and will be sold in limited quantities in the U.S., including California, starting in 2013. The company also announced it has started working on its new concept vehicle, the Chevrolet EN-V. Read More

  • GM and LG Team Up on Electric Vehicles

    GM and LG Team Up on Electric Vehicles

    Auto maker General Motors and LG Group will be working together to design and engineer electric vehicles thanks to a new partnership that expands on LG’s earlier work for GM in lithium-ion batteries.  Previously, LG delivered batteries for the Chevrolet Volt, the Opel Ampera, and later for a demo fleet of Chevrolet Cruze electric vehicles. According to the companies, their goal is to… Read More

  • Ford to Sell Solar Panel System Alongside Electric Cars

    Ford to Sell Solar Panel System Alongside Electric Cars

    Ford Motor Company is teaming up with San Jose-based solar panel maker SunPower to offer a rooftop solar system option which will be sold alongside the upcoming Ford Focus EV. The “Drive Green for Life” program, as it’s being called, involves mounting solar panels on a customer’s home. These panels wouldn’t be used just to charge the Focus itself, however. Read More

  • HaloIPT Revs Up For Wirelessly Charged Electric Cars

    HaloIPT Revs Up For Wirelessly Charged Electric Cars

    Those who resist purchasing an electric car because charging stations are less ubiquitous than gas stations or figuring out how to charge your car at home seems complicated have one less excuse to go green. A new system from British startup HaloIPT allows cars to be charge wirelessly using induction. The wirelessly transmitted power goes to the car’s battery for an ongoing charge, similar… Read More

  • Coulomb Tweaks Electric Vehicle Chargers For Europe, Ready For Nissan LEAF

    Coulomb Technologies — a Campbell, Calif. company that makes electric vehicle charging stations, related apps and network technology — today revealed new features and certifications that should help the company grow its business in European markets, and prepare for the Nissan LEAF to hit the streets. One new feature of the company’s ChargePoint network allows… Read More

  • Curbside car chargers should start showing up next year

    Given the limited range in fully electric cars, charging points are going to be an important part of the infrastructure in the future. GE has hired a designer to create the “WattStation”, a charger designed to top up your new electric car in four to eight hours. Read More

  • Tesla’s $100M IPO: Losses Expected Until At Least 2012. Musk Taking $1 A Year.

    Electric car company Tesla Motors has filed for a $100 million IPO. There were rumors recently floating around that the company, which is led by PayPal co-founder Elon Musk, would go public “soon.” One interesting tidbit from the filing: Musk only takes $1 in yearly salary. Read More

  • Japan prepares new electric car for launch in 2013

    Tokyo-based Keio University (which happens to be my alma mater) is ready to take Sim-Drive, its eco-friendly vehicle technology, to another level. The university announced over the weekend that it will collaborate with a total of 34 Japanese companies and municipalities, including powerhouses such as Mitsubishi Motors or Isuzu, to release a new electric car. Read More

  • Toyota to showcase two new electric/hybrid cars this month

    The world’s No. 1 auto maker Toyota has announced [JP] it will exhibit a four-seat electric car at the 41th Tokyo Motor Show for the first time (the show opens October 24 and will run through November 4). It’s sized at 2,730×1,680×1,490mm. Visitors will also get to see an update of Toyota’s hybrid car Prius at the show. Read More

  • New battery material could boost efficiency of electric cars by a factor of ten

    Electric cars have one major problem: Especially in the case of long drives, owners have to make too many stops to charge the battery. Now a group of researchers from Toyota and Tohuku University (in Northern Japan) announced progress on their work to do away with this inconvenience. They were able to make single crystals of lithium cobalt oxide, a chemical compound used in the production… Read More

  • SCiB update: Toshiba develops world's most powerful li-ion battery for cars

    Electric vehicles usually have one major problem: The battery. But now Toshiba might have a new battery in development that could pave the way for better electric/hybrid cars in the very near future. Dubbed, SCiB (Super Charge ion Battery) Toshiba already shipped prototypes to a handful of Japanese, European and American automakers. Read More

  • New power device diode brings dream of more efficient hybrid cars closer

    Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) has claimed on Thursday [JP] it developed a diode (pictured above) for power semiconductor devices that can withstand temperatures exceeding 400 C. Read More

  • America helps Japan in the distribution of electric car stations

    Palo Alto-based Better Place, a company that builds electric-vehicle networks and is led by famous entrepreneur Shai Agassi, announced it will help the Japanese government in a pilot project to encourage the use of green cars in the country. Better Place will build battery exchange stations in Nippon so that drivers of electric vehicles can change drained batteries to charged ones quickly… Read More

  • The Poulsen Hybrid electric kit can zip most compact cars into the future

    Plug-in electric vehicles might, one day, be a big hit but the Poulsen Hybrid kit will allow compact car owners a piece of the action early. The upgrade works by incorporating two electric motors on each of the drive shaft-equipped wheels in a moon rover-type fashion. (FWD or RWD compatible) These motors do not drive the wheels entirely but rather provides an extra gas saving boost… Read More

  • Japan Post goes ecological, plans to use over 20,000 electric vehicles for mail services

    It seems that Japan is getting greener almost by the week. Now Japan Post announced it will start a field test with electric vehicles (EVs) for postal services and other business activities as early as next month. The company plans to convert all of its fleet of more than 20,000 cars to electric vehicles by 2016. Mitsubishi’s mini car “i MiEV” (pictured above) will be used in… Read More

  • Tokyo gets new battery stations for electric cars

    It seems electric cars are slowly but surely gaining a foothold in everyday life, at least in Japan. Last week, local tech powerhouse TEPCO (Tokyo Electric Power Corp.) installed a total of nine charging stations for this kind of vehicles in Tokyo. The launch marks the first time that owners of electric cars can charge their vehicles in battery stations located in basement parking lots where… Read More

  • Want an EV car? Build one yourself.

    You don’t need a $40,000 Chevy Volt to be part of the green crowd. Just convert your current vehicle from gasoline to electric. It might cost you more than the car is worth, but you won’t be sending your bucks overseas.  CNN is showcasing two fellas that did just that. One with a Honda Civic del Sol and the other with a Chevy S-10. Both are now electric and both were converted… Read More