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  • GeoOrbital’s wheel turns almost any bike into an electric bike

    GeoOrbital’s wheel turns almost any bike into an electric bike

    TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2016’s “wildcard” participant GeoOrbital has a different take on the electric bike. Instead of putting a motor on the bike, they put it in the wheel. This crazy idea was actually prompted by something founder Michael Burtov saw in the movie “Tron.” He thought there was a lot of wasted space inside the motorcycles because of their hollow wheels. Read More

  • Zeitgeist wants to be the Warby Parker of electric bikes

    Zeitgeist wants to be the Warby Parker of electric bikes

    The Diavelo Zeitgeist Electric Bike was designed to solve one problem: getting uphill on a bike. That led to other goals, like creating a battery that only had to be charged every two weeks and was hidden within the structure of the bike. This, then, led to favoring design and performance over the cost of the bike. “We want to be the Warby Parker of bikes,” said Zeitgeist CEO… Read More

  • Ditch The Faux Hoverboard And Commute With Gi FlyBike, A Foldable Electric Bike

    Ditch The Faux Hoverboard And Commute With Gi FlyBike, A Foldable Electric Bike

    Forget electric skateboards and faux hoverboards. One startup is trying to convince commuters to stick to the good old-fashioned bicycle. Meet the Gi FlyBike, a folding electric bike that can travel up to 40 miles on one charge. The bike, which is now available on Kickstarter, will also be for sale on Amazon Exclusives, the e-commerce company’s online store featuring… Read More

  • Ride Easier With The Rubbee Easy Electric Bike Conversion Gadget On Kickstarter

    Ride Easier With The Rubbee Easy Electric Bike Conversion Gadget On Kickstarter

    Electric bikes are becoming more popular as the cost to own one goes down, and the cost to own a gas-powered vehicle goes up. If you ask a true cyclist what they think of an electric bike, you might get your head bitten off, but there’s no doubt that there’s a market out there for them. Rubbee wants to appeal to that market with an easy conversion device that turns your existing… Read More

  • Local E-Bike Start-Up Clean Republic Makes Good In Seattle

    We cover electric bikes every now and then at CrunchGear, but while millions are sold in Asia and Europe, they remain a rarity here in the US, even on the mean cycling streets of Seattle. Certainly the convenience of cars and our highway-orientated infrastructure is partially to blame for the lack of interest in these extremely effective transportation tools, but I also think that… Read More

  • i-MiEV Electric Bikes

    If you’re just remotely interested in electric cars, you will know of i-MiEV, Mitsubishi’s mini “green” vehicle. The i-MiEV has been around for years in Japan (the US will get it in 2011), and now a local retail chain called AEON is offering two e-bikes [JP, PDF] whose design is supposed to resemble said car. Read More

  • Video: Solar-powered Electric Bike

    We’ve covered quite a few electric bikes over the last years, but this new model developed by a Japanese company called Hama Zero (no website) offers a new twist. Their “Solar Bike Fujin” is an electric bike that’s powered by electricity generated by an on-board solar panel. The bike can be used on public roads (at least in Japan) and boasts an assisted travel range… Read More

  • Panasonic's newest electric bike features 97km assisted travel range

    We’ve shown you countless electric bikes over the past months, but there’s one feature that makes the RX-10S [JP, PDF], Panasonic’s newest model, stand out: it boasts an assisted travel range of a a whopping 97km (60 miles) in “eco-mode” – on a single charge. Read More

  • EC-03: Yamaha rolls out low-cost electric 50cc scooter

    Yamaha Japan announced [press release in English] the EC-03 today, an electric 50cc scooter that’s powered by a 50V/14Ah lithium ion battery. The vehicle has a driving range of 43km (at 30km/h on flat roads) per charge. A charge takes six hours, with Yamaha saying that a household electrical outlet (100V) is all you need. Read More

  • PAS Brace-L: Yamaha's cool, men-only electric bike

    We’ve covered plenty of electric bicycles from Japan in the past, but there’s a significant problem with most of them: usually they’re really ugly, for example this one or this model from Toshiba. But just today, Yamaha has announced [JP] the PAS Brace-L, a nice-looking electric bike that’s specifically towards the young and male part of the population. Read More

  • Charry: Outdoor charging box for electric vehicles

    One critical factor that stands in the way of electric vehicles becoming mainstream is the lack of charging stations once you’re on the road with your e-bike or electric car. In the case of bicycles, 37km, for example (as seen in Panasonic’s newest models), isn’t a bad number for an assisted travel distance, but it’s not enough for those really long trips. Read More

  • Little Bee, Rustic, Sugar Drop: Panasonic rolls out three new e-bikes in Japan

    Japan is to get another three electric bikes, two of which are being marketed as “sporty”, while one is targeted specifically at women. All three models are made by Panasonic (which announced one of the coolest e-bikes ever just a few weeks ago). The two sport bikes [JP] are called the “Rustic” (BE-ENHL63/pictured above) and the “Little Bee”… Read More

  • VW rolls out folding electric bicycle

    Volkswagen just announced their latest gadget, the Bik.e – a folding electric bicycle designed to fit in the trunk of your car, in the space currently taken up by your spare tire. With a maximum range of 12.5 miles, I question whether it would be a good spare tire replacement, but I still like it. It is interesting to see a company like Volkswagen get into the electric bicycle… Read More

  • BE-ENV: Panasonic Japan's expensive, cool e-bike

    We’ve covered plenty of electric bicycles from Japan in the past, but let’s be honest: Most of them are really ugly, for example these (technically interesting) models Sanyo introduced three weeks ago. But this new Panasonic e-bike, the BE-ENV [JP], looks rather cool and is something I could see the younger (and male) population actually using, too. Read More

  • Sanyo's electric bicycle charges battery on both flat ground and downhill slopes

    We have reported about electric bicycles multiple times in the past, but today Sanyo in Japan announced [press release in English] the “eneloop Hybrid Bicycle” whose battery riders can actively charge while pedaling on flat roads. Previous models, for example this one Sanyo released in 2008, mainly harness energy from braking when the bike goes downhill (“Loop Charge… Read More

  • Yamaha Japan announces 5 new electric bikes

    While electric bikes are gaining more and more ground in Japan, the situation in the rest of the world (at least for highly advanced models) is quite different. These vehicles seem to have a hard time in America in particular, although there’s anecdotal evidence the concept does have the potential to catch on in the US as well – basically speaking. But most of the makers of… Read More

  • Japanese company demos hydrogen-powered electric bike

    One thing is clear: Japan loves electric bikes. And now Tokyo-based Iwatani is presenting a model [JP] that’s powered by hydrogen. It isn’t exactly the prettiest vehicle out there, but the so-called Hydrogen Bicycle is ecological (it doesn’t emit any CO2). Read More

  • Sanyo presents world's first carbon fiber electric bike (and a foldable model)

    Sanyo landed a huge hit with its eneloop brand that includes a number of “green” products, such as lamps, batteries or even Wii controllers. In the past few months, the company also introduced electric bikes that featured eneloop technology, one of which it wanted to sell outside Japan as well. Now Nippon gets another two eneloop-branded bikes [JP], a carbon fiber model and a… Read More

  • Vegas E.A.: Bridgestone develops new electric bike

    There are more and more electric bikes coming out of Japan in the last few months. Bridgestone Cycle, which is based out of Tokyo (yes, the tire company), has developed a new model [JP] that’s boasts an assisted travel range of up to 30km with a single charge. Bridgestone claims this is 30% more than what their previous electric bike reached. Read More

  • Japan gets solar parking spot for electric bikes

    Electric bikes are becoming more and more popular in Japan as top electronics brands such as Panasonic, Toshiba and Yamaha are rolling out new models monthly. In December last year, Sanyo announced an electric bike and said it may even be exported to overseas markets soon. Today, the company said [JP] that from March on, the local government of Tokushima Prefecture in Southern Japan will get… Read More