• Google Says It’s Seeing A Significant Jump In Phishing Attempts In Iran Ahead Of Elections

    Google Says It’s Seeing A Significant Jump In Phishing Attempts In Iran Ahead Of Elections

    Google says it’s seeing a massive increase in email-based phishing campaigns that originate within Iran and target Iranian users. These attacks, Google says, started about three weeks ago and the company believes that they are politically motivated. Iran’s next election is scheduled for Friday and this “significant jump” in phishing activity in the region started… Read More

  • Matt Galligan On Circa’s Role In The Upcoming Election

    Matt Galligan On Circa’s Role In The Upcoming Election And The Future Of News [TCTV]

    Last month, we told you about a new service called Circa, which set out to redefine the way that you consume news on your iOS device. The app itself is beautifully designed, and was based off of an idea that Ben Huh had and then shared with Matt Galligan. Galligan took the idea and ran with it. Read More

  • Remind Your Friends To Vote With Free Greeting Card From Shepard Fairey & Mobile Cards App Sincerely Ink

    Remind Your Friends To Vote With Free Greeting Card From Shepard Fairey & Mobile Cards App Sincerely Ink

    Mobile photo-printing and greeting card startup Sincerely wants to encourage users to vote this election season, and to do so, it has partnered with artist Shepard Fairey on the creation of an exclusive new card. Best known as the creator of the Barack Obama “Hope” poster, Fairey’s new card has a similar style and color palette, but offers a non-partisan plea: it just… Read More

  • Let The Race Begin: Google Launches Elections Hub

    Let The Race Begin: Google Launches Elections Hub

    A new year is always exciting. A Clean slate. But once every four years, something very important comes into play: a presidential election. This year, all of your election information won’t be any more readily available than it is right here, on the interwebs, and Google is set to be your go-to place to keep up with them. Today via the Official Google Blog, the search giant has… Read More

  • Hitwise Ranks Election Traffic To News Sites

    Hitwise has released a ranking of some of the top news sites, measured by traffic on Election Day. CNN.com came out on top, seeing a 146 percent spike over the day before. But MSNBC.com, Fox News, and the Drudge report all saw nice bumps as well. ABCNews.com had a record day, with a 113 percent jump in traffic over the day before. And CNN’s Political Ticker blog by itself saw a… Read More

  • Did Obama Win Yet?

    The U.S. Election isn’t until tomorrow, but doesn’t it already seem like Obama has won? That is certainly the impression you get if you look at any of the polls, state-by-state electoral maps, or prediction markets out there. Even the latest Fox News poll has Obama leading McCain by 50 percent to 43 percent. My favorite prediction tool, and the one with the best record of… Read More

  • Video: Election divides Azeroth along faction lines

    Pay close attention to this video, citizens of Azeroth! It shows just how divisive this presidential campaign has been: Human against Dwarf, Tauren against Orc. It’s madness. And this, in a time when all of us should be focused on eliminating the Scourge. But seriously, folks, it’s a fun video that will definitely be appreciated by World of Warcraft fans. That McCain has a stamina… Read More

  • Verizon Wireless, AT&T gave cellphone towers to John and Cindy McCain

    Did John and Cindy McCain use their telecom industry connections to have a cellphone tower built right by one of their many houses in order to improve signal strength? That’s what the Washington Post implies. It seems the McCain’s Sedona, Ariz. ranch didn’t have the best cellphone reception in early 2007, so Cindy—what was that word John called her? Begins with a… Read More

  • Gaming gets political: Obama ads appear in EA games

    So you’re racing down the road in Burnout Paradise and you’re all, “Was that an Obama ad?” Yes, yes it was. EA has confirmed that the Obama campaign is running ads in several of its video games including Madden NFL 09, Need For Speed: Carbon and, as you see here, Burnout Paradise. The ads appear only after having connected to Xbox Live—it’s not like these… Read More

  • Google Will Show You Where to Vote

    Google is getting in on the voting season by offering a Google mapplet that will offer a wealth of voter information before the big day in November. The site is not yet complete, but it will provide users with “voting location, registration information, and more.” What that more is has yet to be determined since, as the site points out, “all voting location information will… Read More

  • Fathead goes political, launches Obama and McCain Fatheads

    Who is going to buy these? Are you really going to hang an Obama Fathead in your ruckus room? Like all your buddies are going to want to hang out with you and your new, life size friend. What more do you need to know? The new Fatheads are $79.99 and available now. Pick either Obama or McCain.  PR Read More

  • McCain, technology, and you

    John McCain’s technology plan was released yesterday. Since the plan is from a politician, obviously you might want to approach with skepticism, but click through for our summery. In no way does this reflect the views and/or opinions of Crunchgear, we’re just summarizing the long-ass article for you. Read More

  • AT&T partners with Rock The Vote, FunMobility to bring politics to young people

    AT&T announced a partnership with Rock The Vote and FunMobility earlier this week for new civic-minded mobile content. Rock The Vote and AT&T will launch a mobile campaign to encourage young people to vote; the campaign hopes to bring together “popular music, artists and mobile technologies to engage today’s youth with the political process.” And FunMobility will offer… Read More