The ElliQ eldercare robot gets a hardware upgrade, generative AI for improved conversations

In some parts of the world (read: Japan, primarily), eldercare has been an important robotics focus for decades. In recent years, other markets have begun exploring the space. Labrador Robotics’ hom

Eldercare robot ElliQ nabs another $25 million in funding

Intuition Robotics isn’t hurting for funding these days. The Israeli firm announced a $36 million Series B in the early days of the pandemic, and now it’s adding another $25 million. The new raise

Toyota Research Institute SVP on the difficulty of building the perfect home robot

Earlier this week, the Toyota Research Institute opened the doors of its Bay Area offices to members of the media for the first time. It was a day full of demos, ranging from driving simulators and dr

Toyota Research Institute’s robots leave home

“I think I’m probably just as guilty as everybody else,” Toyota Research Institute’s (TRI) senior vice president of robotics, Max Bajracharya, admits. “It’s like, now our GPUs are

Labrador Systems deploys its first assistive elder-care robots

We’ve been keeping tabs on Labrador Systems since we caught a very early demo of its elder care-focused technology in a hotel suite several CESes ago. Today the California-based robotics firm announ

The ElliQ eldercare robot is finally available

The astute TechCrunch reader will quickly note that we’ve been covering Intuition Robotics for five years now, dating back to the eldercare robotics’ crowdfunding campaign way back in February 201

This lightbulb can monitor your vital signs

Here’s a fun left-field idea from CES this week: a smart lightbulb capable of taking health readings, including heart rate, temperature and tracking sleep. Necessary? Not in the slightest. Interesti

Labrador set to deliver a robotic helping hand to homes in 2023

Back at CES 2020, Labrador Systems co-founder/CEO Mike Dooley told me, “I think there are fewer fake robots [at the show] this year.” Over the past several years, we’ve seen the show begin to tr