• The Android-Powered, Dual-Screen YotaPhone Launches In Russia And Beyond For €499

    The Android-Powered, Dual-Screen YotaPhone Launches In Russia And Beyond For €499

    Remember the YotaPhone? The delightfully kooky Russian smartphone that pairs a bog-standard LCD screen with an eInk display on its rump? It’s been teased for a launch for months now, but the company behind it has just spilled the beans at a press event in Moscow: the YotaPhone will launch in Russian and Europe today complete with a confirmed €499/19,990 RUB price tag, right in line… Read More

  • The Dual-Screen YotaPhone Will Launch Internationally In December

    The Dual-Screen YotaPhone Will Launch Internationally In December

    Russia-based Yota Devices has been working on a curious beast called the YotaPhone for over a year now, and it’s gained quite a reputation for itself because of its split personality. While the front of the phone sports a traditional LCD screen, the back plays home to a power-sipping eInk display because… well, why not? The launch date was one of the last big questions left… Read More

  • Eink’s Screens Explained With A Snowglobe

    Eink’s Screens Explained With A Snowglobe

    Your Kindle doesn’t have to be mystery. Electronic paper technology is a rather simple concept as shown by the video after the jump. Voltage toggles so-called microparticles between white and black pigments. Different levels allow for the shades of gray. That’s it, friend. The video comes IFA where Sriram Peruvemba, Eink’s Chief Marketing Officer, offers the simplified… Read More

  • Bookeen announces (possibly bad) ebook reader

    Ebook device Bookeen announced last week that they are going to be introducing a new device, the “Cybook Opus.” Intended as an alternative to the Kindle, the details are sketchy so far, but we know that they are trying to make a lighter, more portable device then the other devices on the market. Read More

  • Video: Android now playing nicely with e-ink

    The Moto Dev Group (not Motorola) previously stated that the company is fully committed to Android development and now it seems the company is working diligently getting the OS functional on an e-ink display. So far the development guys have succeeded on a proof of concept device, but it’s still far from production quality. Android’s open source code and e-inks low power… Read More

  • Esquire's upcoming 75th Anniversary e-ink cover begs to be hacked, deputy editor condones it!

    BBG’s interpretation of the upcoming cover Joel over at BBG has a great interview with deputy editor Peter Griffin from Esquire and I’m excited to see the e-ink cover for the 75th anniversary issue that hits stands this October. Griffin divulges that Ford’s advertisement for the Flex crossover SUV on the inside cover defrayed a good chunk of the cost to Hearst, so we… Read More