• Video: Battlestar Galactica Theme On The Eigenharp

    gbevin performs the Cylon theme of Bear McCreary’s version of All Along The Watchtower. Apparently he stressed his mac a bit too much and there are some distortions on the video. The performance is quite good and it is nice to see how BSG blends with the Eigenharp. [via Synthtopia] Read More

  • Doodly-doo! Eigenharp is hitting the U.S. in January

    Those about to rock out on a wind instrument with percussion pads and God knows what else, we salute you. The Eigenharp is coming to the U.S. in January and will appear at the Winter NAMM show. There is no confirmation as to which Eigenharp will arrive on our shores but there will be a concerted effort to explain to musicians just what the heck this thing is and does. Read More

  • The Eigenharp is alive

    After weeks of speculation, the Eigenharp is live! This crazy instrument is part woodwind, part drum, and part piano. You can blow it, tap it, and stroke it to make music and it includes a case and strap. It costs $5,800 dollars and is customizable at the new product page. Interestingly, they also released the Eigenharp Pico for about $500. It’s more like a recorder (a simple flute) and… Read More