Effectology: Paranormal Spooooky Sounds

<img src="">Our buddy Bill Ruppert just shared another <a HREF="">Effectology video</a> with us,

May The Luck O' The Irish Guitarists Be With You

[youtube] In honor of St. Paddy’s day, the amazing Bill Ruppert posted this video of him using EHX gear to recreate the lilting str

Effectology: The Steel Drum Effect

<img src="">Slappin' da bass, mon! <a HREF="">Bill Ruppert has put up</a> another

Effectology: Horns and Drums

[youtube] Want to blow some horns and play the timpani on your guitar? Bill Ruppert posted a how-to using only EHX pedals and h

Shavers, git-fiddles and synths, oh my

Good old Bill Ruppert sent us the video of his latest creation, a complete homage to “Welcome to the Machine” using only EHX pedals and an electric shaver. Crazy stuff.

Effectology: Uilleann pipes, field drums and guitars

[youtube] Good old Bill Ruppert posted another Effectology video showing off the creation of Uilleann pipe and drum sounds with

Effectology: Crystal-Shimmer

<img src="" />Bill is at it again with this Crystal-Shimmer effect. He used parallel effects to create a "symphonic sound" of multip

Effectology: No Quarter on git-fiddle

<img src="">Are you ready to watch Bill Ruppert's honey drip? Don't answer that. Bill recreated the sound of a Fender Rhodes electric piano

Spooky sounds from your Telecaster

<img src="">Do not adjust your computer because Bill Ruppert has put together a nice set of sound effects using only <a HREF="http://

Blast off! "Telstar" on guitar and effects pedals

<img src="" />The Clavioline was one of the first electronic synths in existence. Built in 1947 by Constant Martin it was featured in the song

New Effectology shows off reverb

Who doesn’t love some reverb? EHX’s Effectology explores reverb in all its forms in this charming post. It sounds pretty boring at first but listen to Bill Ruppert go surfy on that git-fid

Jack Conte rocks out with the EHX Riddle and Enigma

[youtube] Our favorite music nerd, Jack Conte, just did two great