• Quick Review: Iomega eGo Portable Hard Drive USB 3.0

    The eGo portable hard drive from iOmega is a sleek, compact device that handles data storage as well as you would expect. But it’s the USB 3.0 connection that really makes it shine. Having a native USB 3.0 port is the best option, but you can also use an ExpressCard or PCIe slot. There are adapters included for this, as well as one for your standard USB 2.0. It weighs in at less… Read More

  • Bentley updates Ego laptop line – still extremely overpriced, dated technology

    Twenty thousand U.S. dollars should buy you one hell of a laptop, right? Not so with the Bentley Ego laptop though, where 20k buys you standard Best Buy special-type specs (64-bit processor & 160GB HDD) within a Bentley handcrafted case. These laptops have been around since ’03, but maybe you got yourself a new Bently and so you might want laptop constructed with the same… Read More

  • Iomega Introduces New Portable External Drives

    Hardly is an external hard drive portable whatsoever. Carrying around a USB cable, a drive, and AC adaptor is no fun. Iomega wants to put an end to this with its new eGo portable hard drive. With 160GB of storage, this baby draws power through its USB 2.0 connection so you don’t have to cart around a clunky power cable. With a great looking bright red paint-job and funky design, I… Read More