Higher egg prices yield demand for alternatives

The avian flu, a shortage of cage-free eggs and a subsequent rise in prices in late 2022 seems to have provided an “in” for alternative egg companies to show they can compete.

Finally, we know why there’s a rubber chicken on Twitter

The internet is full of mysteries. Who really wrote “My Immortal,” and was it supposed to be a satire? Who is behind the group of hackers known as Anonymous? And why can’t Elon Musk

The Golden Goose, A Nifty Gadget That Scrambles Eggs In Their Shells, Kills It On Kickstarter

A Kickstarter-backed gadget called the Golden Goose is a new kitchen utility that lets you scramble eggs in the shell. Why? Because you can. I have to admit, I sort of love it when people find a way t

Eggstra! Eggstra! read all about it!

<img src="" />Some women are getting creative trying to make some quick cash in these troubled times: they're trying to sell their eggs

Ballmer dodges eggs with cat-like reflexes

For all the — ahem — gentle, good-natured ribbing that we give Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer here, I don’t know if he deserves to have eggs thrown at him. With this latest incident and

The $30 device to replace all my cookware

Man-dinga would you look at all them hot dogs? The 4-in-1 Hotdog Maker leverages the wonderment of technology to not only cook what appears to be at least a few days’ worth of nutritious hot dog

Humpty Dumpty Death Sentence Scale

Lately, I’ve been hitting the gym almost every day. Yet after all my efforts, I’m still too cheap to break down and buy a scale to keep track of my weight. Maybe I’ll check out the B

Cook an Egg in an Xbox 360

Apparently the fans of the Xbox 360 keep the case cool enough so you can’t cook an egg on the outside – like the MacBook we saw a few months back – but you can cook it on the inside.