• BioLite Stove Charges Your Phone While Cooking Your Dinner

    BioLite Stove Charges Your Phone While Cooking Your Dinner

    Wood-burning stoves aren’t known for being particularly efficient, and their smoke not only contains high carbon emissions but causes health risks to those who inhale it. A portable design from BioLite aims to tackle this problem and turn the stove into a cell phone charger in the process. The stove converts heat energy into electricity, powering a small fan to improve the… Read More

  • Sharp Sets New Record For Solar Cell Efficiency

    If there’s something solar energy as a technology needs, then it’s better and cheaper solar cells. And now Sharp has apparently made a step forward regarding the first factor: the company says it has developed a solar cell that has the world’s highest efficiency of 42.1%, breaking the record of Spectrolab of the US. Read More

  • New show bores audience, saves environment

    A few TV manufacturers and broadcasters have joined forces to develop 10 minutes of boredom as a standard way of measuring energy use. Apparently energy consumption varies based on the genre so the clip combines all of them into one including soap operas, sports, and nature programs. It would be assumed that porn uses up the most energy and as a result we encourage everyone to cut back and… Read More