• Effectology: Paranormal Spooooky Sounds

    Our buddy Bill Ruppert just shared another Effectology video with us, this time creating spooky sounds from the haunted house. The effects he creates here are pretty wild including Alien Bells and an X-Files whistle, all built on effects pedals and a standard git-fiddle. Read More

  • Effectology: The Steel Drum Effect

    Slappin’ da bass, mon! Bill Ruppert has put up another Effectology video, this time showing how to create a steel drum effect with just a bunch of EHX guitar effects. The best part? The maracas! The maracas or shaker sound was produced by sliding an EHX manual across the guitar strings. Using EQ to lower the bass and increase the middle frequencies helps shape the sound.
    The opening… Read More

  • Effectology recreates the Dr. Who theme

    If you’ve ever watched old-timey Dr. Who, you probably wondered how they made the music for that series. It’s simple, really: In 1963 Delia Derbyshire working for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop created one of the most significant and innovative pieces of electronic music, even before the availability of commercial synthesizers. Read More

  • Effectology: Crystal-Shimmer

    Bill is at it again with this Crystal-Shimmer effect. He used parallel effects to create a “symphonic sound” of multiple octaves at once based on one note on the guitar. Read More

  • Effectology: No Quarter on git-fiddle

    Are you ready to watch Bill Ruppert’s honey drip? Don’t answer that. Bill recreated the sound of a Fender Rhodes electric piano with a guitar and some EHX pedals. Read More