• Asus to launch eee gear including eee mini box and eee monitor

    Can’t get enough eee? How about an eee SUPER mini PC and an eee monitor, both clad in pearlescent white and delicately stuffed with the latest in circuitry. Some spies at Computex grabbed a shot of Asus’ roadmap pointing to two new devices. The eee monitor should launch in september but there is no word about the supposed mini mini PC. Read More

  • ASUS releases details about the new Eee models

    Standing up? You better sit down. I have some details about the new Eee PCs that are coming out this month, straight from ASUS. You can stand back up, actually. Some of the stuff is sort of exciting, but you’re not going to faint or anything. First, we now know what the three E’s stand for; Easy, Excellent, and Exciting. Exciting indeed, like more exciting than finding out that… Read More

  • Microsoft makes its push into netbook territory official

    Like the episode of The Office where Michael shows up uninvited to Jim’s barbeque, Microsoft has shown up at the netbook party, thrown its coat to the Temp, and grabbed the Karaoke microphone. A recent press release says the following. “Customers and partners have made it clear to us that they want Windows on their netbooks and nettops,” said Steven Guggenheimer, corporate… Read More

  • MSI Wind now officially official

    What’s $499 and runs Windows XP Home with a 1.6GHz Atom processor? Why the MSI Wind, of course! It should be available in June (a Linux version drops for $399 in July) and will definitely give the ultralight Asus eee a run for its money. Read More

  • More details about the Atom-based Asus Eee 901

    The impending Eee 901 has been spotted at the WiMax Expo in Taipei and is expected to be formally announced and launched tomorrow. We saw some early details a couple of weeks ago, but here’s some more information. IDG News is reporting that the Eee PC 901 will have a 1.6GHz Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, and will ship with a 12GB SSD and Windows XP or with a 20GB SSD and Linux, depending… Read More

  • Atom-based Eee on its way to you next week, $650

    TGDaily reports that the Atom-based Eee PC will be coming next week, but they seem rightly skeptical of the little guy. After all, at $650 it’s no longer that cheap (you could get a used MacBook for that price), and not only is the performance not really up to par but it’s a certainty that dual-core Atoms are forthcoming in just a few months so your investment in the chipset would… Read More

  • Hands-on with MSI Wind, looks pretty stellar so far

    CNET’s UK office got a special hands-on with the forthcoming MSI Wind notebook and they like it so much that they said it “could take the throne from the Asus Eee PC as the best mini laptop on the planet.” The 10-inch screen is apparently better than the one on HP’s Mini-Note 2133, and the overall design aesthetic and keyboard on the Wind is better than the Eee but… Read More

  • $299 RazorBook 400 portable Internet appliance

    “The day has finally arrived and the 3K RazorBook 400 is now hitting the US market. We just lowered our MSRP to $299 as part of this exciting announcement. There has been a lot of comparison from bloggers to the Asus eeePC due to its similar 7-inch LCD form factor. The 3K RazorBook 400 is a unique product that was designed as a low-cost ($299) portable Internet appliance, not to replace… Read More

  • Michael Dell spotted carrying 'Dell Mini' notebook

    Hot damn, boys and girls. Either that’s a hilariously large novelty pencil or we’ve got ourselves an Eee-sized Dell notebook to look forward to. To which to look forward. Which to whom we will forwardly look. Grammar is hard. Anyway, Michael Dell was spotted carrying this little guy around at All Things D by Gizmodo. Details are pretty murky but early photos seem to present a… Read More

  • ASUS announcing 10-inch Eee on June 3rd?

    To quote the lovely and vivacious Susan Powter, “Stop the insanity!” Apparently ASUS is getting set to announce a 10-inch version of the super-popular Eee subnotebook on June 3rd at Computex 2008 in Taiwan. According to an invitation received by UMPC Fever, “ASUS is looking forward to welcoming you during Computex 2008 in Taipei, Taiwan, for the ASUS’ 08 Computex… Read More

  • Atom-based Asus Eee PC 901 will come in black too

    The spec-bumped 901 from Asus that we heard about last week will also be available in black, according to some leaked photos on (the site is currently down). Early reports indicate that the 901 series will launch in Taiwan on June 3rd with the rest of us likely seeing it available within a month or so afterward. Again, specs will be similar to the Eee PC 900, except for the new… Read More

  • Competing sub-notebook vendors love the same boy

    You could hire a studio and models to do a photo shoot to promote your product, or you could save some money by grabbing a licensed image from a stock photography website, like Getty. If you do, just make sure you largest competitor hasn’t also used the exact same image in the exact same way. Awkward. [Google Translated] Read More

  • Atom-based Eee PC 901 on June 3rd for $650

    DigiTimes is reporting that Asus will release an Intel Atom version of its new 8.9-inch screen Eee PC (it’ll be called the 901) on June 3rd for “below $650”. Aside from the Atom chipset, it’ll have some other upgrades too; Bluetooth, “metal alloy parts to the keyboard and hinge” and the touchpad will have a metallic border. Mmmm, metal-y. Aside from… Read More

  • Canadian bank gives out Eee PCs with new accounts

    Wow, that’s MUCH better than a stupid alarm clock or gold fountain pen. Royal Bank of Canada is giving away 2G Surf Eee PCs when you open a new account. Sure wish I lived in Canada. Is there a catch? Of course! There are only two eligible accounts to choose from; one’s $14 per month and one’s $30 per month. But hey, free Eee. Well played, Canada. RBC Royal Bank… Read More

  • Asus Eee 900 in black too, gutted fish not included

    A lot of notebook manufacturers will take photos of their products being used in locations that most normal people would never dream of taking such delicate and expensive devices. Case in point, the first iteration of the Asus Eee PC with the girl on the beach. Everyone knows that the beach is the absolute LAST place to take a laptop. There are too many people having “fun”… Read More

  • Online store offers Linux Eee PC + Microsoft Office

    If you’re a fan of Linux, you probably also really love Microsoft Office, right? That’s what British online retailer BT Shop is betting with a bundle that includes the new Linux version of the Asus Eee 900 and a copy of Office Home and Student Edition, according to The Register. The bundle only saves each buyer less than two British pounds, Microsoft Office doesn’t work… Read More

  • MSI Wind: More info and photos

    TweakTown has some more details about MSI’s upcoming Wind notebook, one of the latest in the line of Asus Eee competitors. So far, the specs look pretty good and the relatively large 10-inch screen and 12-inch wide keyboard are welcome additions. Read More

  • 3K announces eee-alike notebook for $399 – UPDATED

    3K Computers, which basically sells OEM laptops, just launched the $399 Longitude 400, a 1GB mini-notebook that runs Linux. The laptop weighs less than two pounds and includes Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and a little touchpad. It runs a Ingenic 4730 400MHz Mobile Processor400MHz 32-bit single core processor (probably VIA) and a 7-inch screen. Apparently “end users will have a pleasant experience with… Read More

  • Asus gives higher capacity batteries to Eee reviewers

    People in Hong Kong are upset — maybe outraged! — at Asus for sending out review units of the new Eee PC 900 with 4-cell 5800mAh batteries and then selling the public machines with 4-cell 4400mAh batteries. I’d be a little upset too. According to DigiTimes, “Several consumers in Hong Kong who purchased Eee PC 900s on the first day have complained that the battery… Read More

  • Get the 8.9-inch Eee PC 900 on May 12 or wait a little while for the Atom version to come out in June

    It’s no secret that Asus wants to get its 8.9-inch lappie to market as quickly as possible and we’re now hearing that the Eee PC 900 will be available in the US on May 12 for $550, according to Wired, which is $50 higher than earlier reports. In order for Asus to get it here by then, it had to forgo using Intel’s new made-for-tiny-laptops Atom processor. But PC World is… Read More

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