eee box

  • Asus HD-ifies its Eee Boxes with Radeons

    Asus announced on Tuesday that they are releasing two new versions of their Eee Box, with some new features. The new versions have a high definition hardware decoder (a Radeon 3400), HDMI out and a remote. The hardware decoder should improve performance, possibly making this a decent choice for a HTPC solutions. While the hardware and software seem better, I’d like to see it come in… Read More

  • Celeron-powered Eee Box coming soon from Asus

    Surprise, surprise. The underpowered nettops aren’t selling so well. Sales are lagging so much that Asus is benching the Intel Atom for the more powerful Celeron CPU in an upcoming Eee Box release. The hard drive is also getting bumped to 120GB from 80GB. Overall, Asus still sees a future over this mini-desktops with 100,000 – 200,000 selling this year and over a million next as… Read More

  • Asus bites the bullet, orders reeecall of infected Eee Boxen

    Remember those unfortunate Eee Boxes we mentioned last week that were shipped with an active virus on the hard drive? Well, Asus is being a big boy about it and has ordered a recall. That restores some of the cred they lost last week, but I’m still wary. Apparently the infection came from a USB stick they were using to test the things. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on how you look at… Read More

  • Make a DIY eee box with Intel’s Atom circuit boards

    One of big trends in personal computers right now, are small notebooks that can handle basic computing tasks like browsing the Web and sending e-mail. Intel is hoping that this trend carries over to desktops, since it just released a system board to complement is Atom processor. The Intel D945GCLF board features a 1.6GHz Atom 230 processor, GMA 950 graphics, and USB 2.0 for about 80… Read More