Eduardo Saverin

  • Peter Thiel: Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin Did A Poor Job, Got Rich Anyway

    As far as I know, and my Web searching skills can take me, early Facebook investor Peter Thiel hasn’t yet publicly commented on the role of Eduardo Saverin, who co-founded and initially bankrolled ‘thefacebook’ back in the early days. Well, Thiel did exactly that, on Big Think (video below). Asked who Saverin is, Thiel says he was “affiliated, quasi-employed at Facebook… Read More

  • Where in the World Is Eduardo Saverin? In Singapore Funding Facebook Games.

    I haven’t run into him, but have confirmed from at least ten local programmers and angel investors that Eduardo Saverin– the Brazilian-born estranged Facebook co-founder who helped Ben Mezrich write a devastating revenge book of his ouster before taking a settlement and disappearing from the face of the US tech scene– has been hiding out in Singapore for the better part of… Read More

  • More Early Facebook IMs And Emails Surface: "A Sucker Born Every Day"

    More instant messages and emails have surfaced from the early days of Facebook, adding some more color, but few new major details, to the contentious relationship between Mark Zuckerberg and one of his Harvard co-founders, Eduardo Saverin. The IMs and emails were published today by Silicon Alley Insider, which also published much more inflammatory early Zuckerberg IMs last May, including… Read More