ed zander

AT&T exec moves to Motorola

A former AT&T exec is headed over to Motorola to replace the out-going Ed Zander. David Dorman was once chairman of AT&T and will head up Motorola’s floundering, chopped up mobile device

Motorola RAZR 2 Debuted

John is working hard over at the big Motorola event in NYC today. He says Zander just showed off the RAZR 2 and it’s looking really nice. Features include haptics, front touchscreen, music playe

Motorola To Unveil 30 FPS Phone, Shooter

Big Daddy over at Motorola Ed Zander said that next week, his company will show off a new phone capable of playing movies at 30 frames per second in very high quality video. Then every American sighed

Motorola To Make A Killing Off You Through Cost Cutting

We all should know by now that the way a business makes money is by manufacturing a product at a low cost, then inflating the price by 200% and selling it to consumers. But Motorola doesn’t just