economic downturn

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In some ways, the prevalent negative market forces might actually serve as an accelerant for creativity.

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During an economic downturn, it’s easy to focus on negative headlines, but revenue teams still have targets to meet. How do you drive accountability at a time when every sale matters?

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If your sales numbers are lagging behind what you expected, there's an important question to ask: What’s actually wrong with your SaaS product or its pricing?

Deliveroo confirms Dutch exit next month

Deliveroo has confirmed it’s exiting the Netherlands following an announcement this summer that it was consulting on pulling out of the market. In a statement today, the on-demand delivery app s

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Down round news may not be a slam dunk that generates a tier one feature like a funding round that drove your valuation upward, but it’s still funding.

Despite remote work and the economic downturn, some companies look to London for expansion

Barely a day goes by without news of layoffs emerging from the tech world — from cybersecurity to gaming, no industry is impervious. It’s not limited to any particular size of company, ei

Tonal just shed over a third of staff to help it become a ‘self-sustaining and profitable business’

Tonal, an at-home fitness company last valued at $1.6 billion, has laid off 35% of its workforce in what the company says was a “responsible” decision made in order to grow at a more susta

Use chronological scenario planning to help your startup get through a potential recession

We have spent over a decade being conditioned to plan for the upside. But getting really good at preparing for the downside will help you thrive through this next cycle.