Flush with fresh funds, UK ‘eco laundry’ startup Oxwash spins up growth plans

Oxwash, a U.K. startup that’s spent the last few years applying high tech processes to shrink the environment cost of dry cleaning and commercial laundry, has trousered £10 million (~$12 millio

Founder alleges that YC-backed fintech startup is ‘copy-and-pasting’ its business

A new startup lifting elements of competing businesses is far from unusual in today’s venture world, but sometimes competing founders don’t find the imitation all that flattering. Andy Bro

Another US investor — Activant Capital — is opening an office in Europe as the continent heats up

Earlier this week, we caught up with Steve Sarracino the founder of the growth-equity firm Activant Capital in Greenwich, Conn., We’d last talked with Sarracino back in early April of last year,

Eco raises $26M in a16z-led round to scale its digital cryptocurrency platform

‍Eco, which has built out a digital global cryptocurrency platform, announced Friday that it has raised $26 million in a funding round led by a16z Crypto. Founded in 2018, the SF-based startup’s p

Uber co-founder Garrett Camp is creating a new cryptocurrency

Garrett Camp, best known for being a co-founder of Uber and founder of the accelerator/venture fund Expa, is launching his own cryptocurrency. The currency is called Eco, and Camp wants it to be a dig

Eco Market, The “Etsy For Eco,” Rebrands, Revamps, Raises & Prepares A U.S. Launch

London-based <a target="_blank" href="">Ethical Community</a>, which has now rebranded as <a target="_blank" href="">Eco Market</a>, is an o

Sony takes the mercury out of alkaline batteries

<img src="" /> Sony, so far not known to be a particularly "green" tech company, has <a href="

Boston-Power's eco friendly HP laptop batteries now on sale

<img src="" alt="" />Boston-Power announced earlier today that their line of Sonata Li-ion batteries for 18 HP notebooks (about 70 percent

Global Warming May Get Its Very Own Top Level Domain

<img src="" width="151" height="200" />I'm deadpooling <a href="">this</a> .ECO top level domain right now. Not

Top Gear to build super-high mileage car for only $7k

Top Gear is out to show the world that you don’t need a brand new hybrid car with a $25k price tag to be eco friendly. Their goal: Build a car that can get 70 mpg for only $7,000 and can hit 60

Power your notebook with a little foot power and the YoGen MaxT

<img src="">Perfect! Now you can go camping and not worry about recharging your notebook in the great outdoors. The <a href="http:

Sony is going ECO

<img src=""> Eco is the new buzzword and there is no escaping at CES this year. There isn't a CE manufacturer out there that wants to be ca

Western Digital ships fastest, coolest, ecoist, most badassist 3.5-inch HDD

Western Digital’s Caviar Green desktop hard drives have hit gen 2 and the eco-friendly drives are still the most quiet, power efficient and coolest drives on the market. Based on a 333GB/platter, th

Sony Ericsson's eco-friendly GreenHeart handset photographed

Just last week, Sony Ericsson announced that they would be doing their part to save the planet by launching two new projects. The first, which they’re calling an “environmental warranty&#8

Recycling: Inside Panasonic’s ‘Eco Technology Center’

Panasonic’s “Eco Technology Center” sits in a little town outside of Osaka, Japan and is unique in that it’s one of the only recycling centers that has an on-site research and development lab

Items of wonderment from Tokyo’s Panasonic Center

Here’s a handful of doodads and gizmos that may or may not interest you. Among them; a cool feature called “Intelligent Auto” that’ll be found on new Lumix digital cameras, a giant plasma TV w

Solar panels from SRS install like normal asphalt roofing

Convenient, but possibly less efficient than a system that follows the sun. This is probably a good idea for those with good exposure who want to integrate solar power from the beginning. The good new

Low-tech solar power, no cells or transformers required

This is the kind of power I can see being used on Arrakis &mdash; Dune &mdash; the desert planet. This huge array of mirrors automatically adjusts to face the sun, and concentrates its rays on

Green machines from MIT's Product Engineering Processes

Some MIT engineering students were given an assignment to prototype something based on the concept of “reduce, reuse, recycle.” Seven 18-student teams teams were formed and came up with so

CG Holiday 2007 Recommendation: db clay is gonna get you some play

I was born and raised in the 503 and I make sure everyone knows about it. So it’s pretty obvious that I’m a treehugger because, well, Mother Nature never gets old like video games or stupi
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