OneWeb is a step closer to bringing its global, satellite-based internet services to Earth

The billionaire-backed corporation, which has raised over $1.7 billion from Virgin Group, SoftBank, Coca Cola, Bharti Group, Qualcomm and Airbus; just announced an exclusive $190 million contract with

Watch SpaceX launch a re-flown Falcon 9 rocket live right here

SpaceX is using another refurbished rocket this afternoon -- this one is the third Falcon 9 first-stage booster the company has refurbished and used again. This is also the second launch attempt this

SpaceX targets February 18 for Dragon resupply mission to ISS

SpaceX has a new date for its next launch – February 18, when it’s hoping to make its first launch from NASA’s Kennedy Space Center at pad LC-39A. The first launch from the Florida facil

Sling TV set to debut the AirTV Player, which combines local channels, Sling’s service & Netflix

Reports that streaming TV service Sling TV is launching its own TV tuner box are now confirmed, thanks to the appearance of a landing page for the “AirTV Player” which has popped up on Sli

AirTV, a media player offering local channels and Sling TV pops up on Amazon

Dish Network’s Sling TV has so far offered a different way for cord cutters to subscribe to the “best of TV” via its online streaming TV service. However, that hasn’t included

DISH And EchoStar Settle Patent Litigation With TiVo, Agree To Pay $500 Million

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">DISH Network</a> and <a href="

TiVo Responds To Court's Decision To Revisit Patent Case As Stock Plummets

<img src="" class="shot2" /><a href="">TiVo</a> is having a very rough morning. A federal appeals court <a href="http://onl

The Hurt Keeps Coming: Dish And EchoStar Ordered To Pay TiVo Another $200 Million

<img src="" width="215" height="125" />The battle between Dish and TiVo rages on. As reported by <a href="http://ww

EchoStar ordered to pay TiVo $103 million

<img src="">Deja Vu? Yeah, <a href="">EchoStar paid TiVo</a> ov

SlingModem officially announced

Your friendly cable company may soon be carrying the SlingModem, a combination SlingBox and DOCSIS 2.0-certified cable modem. Basically, you’d only have to connect one coax cable to the box and

EchoStar Falls Once Again To Tivo, Says It Will Keep Fighting

EchoStar (now known as DISH Network Corporation) was dealt yet another blow in its ongoing patent battle with Tivo as the U.S. Appeals Court ruled against them. The dispute involves EchoStar’s a

Slingbox ads on the way?

If you’re a Slingbox owner who happens to be of the opinion that there just aren’t enough ads on television already, you are weird. You also might be seeing even more ads if Sling Media pu

Sling Media Sells Out to EchoStar

EchoStar’s $380 million purchase of Sling Media once again raises the question of whether a consumer TV-device company can exist as a standalone entity. History has not been kind to such compani

EchoStar To Buy Sling Media

I love me a SlingBox. And so will millions of Dish Network subscribers if this works out like I hope it will. The satellite TV provider is buying the privately-held place-shifting wonders to the tune