• PostUp Buys Twitter And Facebook Application Developer EchoFon

    PostUp Buys Twitter And Facebook Application Developer EchoFon

    Twitter search and advertising startup PostUp (formerly TweetUp) has bought Twitter application developer Echofon, according to a release issued today. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Echofon, which used to be called TwitterFon, is used by over 3 million people. The startup offers a Twitter app for the iPhone, a native Twitter clients, a Facebook app for the iPhone, and a Twitter iPad app. Read More

  • Echofon On FTC's Google/Admob Inquiry: I Felt Pressured To Say Things That Met Their Goal

    For months, the Federal Trade Commission has been considering whether or not to block Google’s acquisition of Admob for $750 million, which was announced back in November. As part of its investigation, the FTC has been reaching out to developers of mobile applications to get their thoughts. The only problem? Numerous developers and even some Admob competitors are coming out to say… Read More

  • Echofon (Formerly TwitterFon) Unveils A Simple And Fast Native Mac Twitter Client

    Yesterday, when I wrote that Tweetie was the best iPhone Twitter client not everyone agreed. Fair enough, there are a few other really great ones including Birdfeed (which we’ve covered here) and Echofon (the app formerly known as TwitterFon). And the team behind Echofon has today rolled something that puts it ahead of Tweetie in at least one regard: A native Mac client that syncs with… Read More

  • Oddly, TwitterFon Changes Its Name to Echofon

    One of the first really great Twitter iPhone apps was TwitterFon, created by Naan Studio. The app saw success, as did its sister application, TwitterFox, a plug-in for Firefox. Both have been downloaded over a million times, and both apparently have over 200,000 daily active users. But today, both are changing their name, to Echofon. The reasoning behind the change is a little odd. Naan… Read More