Echo Nest

Musiio uses AI to help the music industry curate tracks more efficiently

A former streaming industry exec and an AI specialist walk into a bar… they leave starting an AI company for the music industry. That’s not exactly how Singapore-based startup Musiio was f

Spotify Expands Curation Services With The Launch Of Fresh Finds

On the heels of the success of its Discover Weekly feature, Spotify is adding another curated service so that users can find new music. Called Fresh Finds, the new weekly Wednesday feature, avail

Together, Spotify And Echo Nest Want To Build The Facebook Connect Of Music

"We want to enable straight playback from Spotify on other services", CEO Daniel Ek tells me. It's part of why his company just acquired The Echo Nest, the top music personalization and discovery API

The Echo Nest Grabs More Data: Partners With Concert Listing Provider JamBase & SongMeanings

Music intelligence startup <a href="">Echo Nest</a>, which you might know better as the company <a href="

What Should You Drink While Listening To Your Favorite Music? Ask Drinkify.

When it comes to music and drinking, these activities are best enjoyed in the company of others -- hopefully friends. But, when combining music and libations, it's not always easy to know just what ki

EMI Presses Play On Digital Innovation; Opens Its Catalog To App Developers

The music industry industry has taken some questionable stances on digital technology over the years. To call it resistant to change probably wouldn't be stepping too far out of line. That's why, as m

The Echo Nest Hatches Echoprint, A Free Open Source Music Fingerprinting Service

<img src="" class="shot2" /> <a href="">The Echo Nest</a>, a music intelligence startup whose