Social media handed “one-hour rule” for terrorist takedowns in Europe

The European Commission is still considering whether to regulate social media platforms to ensure they promptly remove illegal content — be it terrorist propaganda, child sexual exploitation or

Google files to appeal $2.73BN EU antitrust fine

Google has filed a legal appeal against a record-breaking fine handed down by the European Commission this summer for anti-competitive behavior relating to the operation of its product search comparis

No straight answer on encryption from Europe’s incoming digital chief

Mariya Gabriel, the EC's commissioner-designate for the digital economy and society brief, was asked for a clear position on encryption during a Q&A session in the European Parliament today. Yet,

Social media giants making progress on illegal hate speech takedowns: EC

The European Commission is trumpeting what it dubs "significant progress" on hate speech takedowns by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Microsoft vs their performance six months prior. Though it also cau

Facebook fined $122M in Europe over misleading WhatsApp filing

Europe agrees to end geoblocks on travelers’ digital subscriptions by 2018

European consumers will be able to make use of digital subscriptions as they travel around the 28-Member State bloc in future, after EU negotiators agreed a deal on service portability.

Google formally rebuts EU antitrust charges against Shopping, AdSense

Google has now formally responded to two antitrust charges brought against it by Europe's Competition Commission, rebutting charges of exploiting the popularity of its search engine to boost its price

EU digital copyright reform proposals slammed as regressive

The European Commission's proposals to reform the region's copyright rules, published in draft form today, have been criticized by tech companies and digital rights groups as regressive and a missed o

EU-US Privacy Shield open for sign ups from today

U.S. companies needing to transfer personal data of European customers across the Atlantic can now sign up to a new framework to govern such data transfers, with the so-called EU-US Privacy Shield up

Europe agrees cyber threat strategy, plans to help fund more startups

The European Parliament has voted to adopt a set of measures aimed at bolstering resilience to digital threats and improving cybersecurity cooperation and info sharing across its 28 Member States.

EU backs light-touch regulation for on-demand companies like Uber and Airbnb

On-demand companies like Uber and Airbnb may be coming under scrutiny in some European countries for allegedly contravening local laws, but today the European Commission threw them a line of suppo

Europe eyes new rules for online platforms

The European Union's executive body has today set out a series of proposals for new rules that would apply to a broad range of online platforms, from the likes of YouTube to Google to eBay, as part of

Draft Text Of EU-U.S. Privacy Shield Deal Fails To Impress The Man Who Slayed Safe Harbor

The draft text of an agreement between the EU and the US to establish a new self-certification framework governing transatlantic data flows aimed at ensuring data protection and privacy compliance whe

Europe And US Seal ‘Privacy Shield’ Data Transfer Deal To Replace Safe Harbor

A new transatlantic data transfer deal has been announced today between the EU and the US. The new EU-US Privacy Shield replaces the old Safe Harbor agreement, which was invalidated by the European Co

Safe Harbor Deadline Passes Without A New Deal On Transatlantic Data Flows — Yet

A deadline to agree a new deal to govern transatlantic data transfers has passed without agreement on a new, safer 'Safe Harbor'. But talks are continuing -- and Věra Jourová, the EC commissioner he

EU-US Safe Harbor Data Flow Talks Still Sticking On Surveillance

As the three-month deadline for Europe and the U.S. to agree a new transatlantic data transfer deal looms, EC officials are briefing that the U.S. needs to do more to improve transparency around its g

Europe Sets Out Three-Month Timetable To Seal New Data-Transfer Deal With U.S.

The European Commission has said it wants ongoing talks with the U.S. to agree a so-called 'Safe Harbor 2.0' agreement on data transfers to be completed by January 2016 -- laying out a three month tim

Apple Relabels “Free” Download Buttons On iTunes And Mac App Store To “Get” Following Pressure from EC

Across the iTunes and Mac App Stores today, a minor but also notable change is taking place with regard to how Apple is marketing its iOS and Mac applications. Instead of free apps being labeled as &#

Publishers Push For EC To Reject Almunia’s Google Antitrust Proposal

The long-running saga involving a European investigation into Google over alleged antitrust violations has taken another turn: today a group of European publishers have come out urging the European Co

Facebook Asks Europe To Review Its $19B WhatsApp Buy: An Explainer

Facebook has already had its $19 billion acquisition of messaging service WhatsApp approved by the Federal Trade Commission in the U.S., but in order to make sure that national regulators in Europea
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