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USDC issuer Circle expands Asia focus in push to enter the region’s flourishing payments ecosystem

How can Asian businesses send and receive payments cheaper, faster and more securely? Circle thinks the answer may come from blockchain and stablecoins.

Is consolidation on the horizon for Southeast Asia’s tech industry?

An analysis of recent changes in the market reveals four factors that could catalyze consolidation in Southeast Asia in the near future.

How social commerce is bridging Southeast Asia’s infrastructure gaps

Today social networks are more powerful than ever, and startups and corporations are innovating new commerce models that leverage the greater reach available to us.

When fundraising, New Zealand startup founders should play the ‘Kiwi card’

We spoke to two founders and two investors to nail down the top tips for New Zealand founders looking to put their mark on the markets.

Sectors where New Zealand startups are poised to win

New Zealand has historically been capital-starved, but recent investments have increased access to early-stage VC funding. Now, certain industries are emerging as areas where New Zealand can win.

Foreign investors, mature startups redraw New Zealand’s VC funding landscape

“Early-stage investment as an asset class is maturing in New Zealand,” said Suse Reynolds, chair of New Zealand’s Angel Association

New Zealand’s startup ecosystem poised to grow more ‘tall poppies’

For a country with limited resources that relies on trade, developing thriving tech exports may not just be a good idea — it may be a necessity to survive.

With $3B expected in 2021, Singapore is becoming a fintech capital

Despite its small size (less than 5 million total population), Singapore is quickly reaching investment levels of countries many times its size.

Predicting the next wave of Southeast Asia tech giants

Despite the impressive growth and stellar companies grabbing headlines and tons of capital, Southeast Asia is only just entering the next phase of development.

Investors are doubling down on Southeast Asia’s digital economy

Southeast Asian tech companies are drawing the attention of investors around the world. In 2020, startups in the region raised over $8.2 billion, about four times more than they did in 2015.

A close look at Singapore’s thriving startup ecosystem

Singapore is home to fewer than six million people, making it one of the smallest ASEAN countries, in terms of population. It is a young country as well — having gained independence in 1963.