EC roundup

Building AI guardrails should be part of the process

Building a solid rulebook around AI policies in the workplace now can help prevent plenty of headaches in the future.

Taking the long view on crypto

“It’s the single best time to invest in [crypto] companies,” according to 10T Holdings and 1RoundTable Partners’ CEO, Dan Tapiero.

Now is the time to invest in edtech

Just tacking AI onto a product isn’t enough, and investors are hoping that the technology will lead to more innovation in the space.

The unicorns among us

The pendulum swung hard in the direction of B2B startups over the last decade — but the thing with pendulums is that eventually they swing back.

How to build a solid — and profitable! — AI startup

After a year of people throwing money at AI companies, investors are now looking for startups that are more solid and viable.

How to find the right venture investor

Now that we’re in recovery mode, there are new rules to play by when it comes to identifying, pitching and partnering with the right investor.

Investors are optimistic about 2024

After a mediocre 2023, investors are optimistic about exit and M&A activity picking back up in 2024. Some think we will see the IPO market bounce back.

A strong foundation can help raise early-stage capital

Investors aren’t scouring pitch decks as earnestly as they were in the past. There’s still a market for early-stage deals, though.

The outlook for startups in 2024 is hazy

Even though the economy is signaling a bit of a bounce-back, 2024 might not be much better than 2023 when it comes to startups sharing a piece of the budget pie. 

The best funding options for late-stage startups

“Entrepreneurs navigating the later stages of a startup face a mine field of funding options, and not all of them are suitable for their business,” writes David Spreng, founder and CEO of  Runway

Take the time to brush up those pitch decks

Now is a great time to brush up your pitch decks, practice your pitch, and get ready for when things kick off again next year.

‘Secondaries summer’ is over, but 2024 looks promising

Secondary venture activity has ebbed and flowed over the last few months, following a particularly busy summer. But 2024 may see investors returning for good, writes Rebecca Szkutak. Full TechCrunch+

TC+ Roundup: Amazon is not the AI leader

Amazon has been No. 1 in the cloud for years but now finds itself playing catch-up to Microsoft when it comes to AI.

TC+ Roundup: Forestry tech is at an inflection point

Gathering data to monitor forests that are conserved or restored is tedious, leaving the door wide open for startups in the space.

TC+ Roundup: The venture downturn isn’t the end for Australia and New Zealand

Australia and New Zealand are facing the same challenges as the rest of tech: valuations have come back down, early-stage funding is up, and investors want their businesses to focus on sustainable lon

TC+ Roundup: AI folks fall into one of two camps

With the OpenAI drama continuing to deliver exciting headlines on the company’s uncertain future, Thanksgiving week is anything but slow.

TC+ Roundup: Just say no to triaging

Good morning! All signs are pointing to a recovery in 2024, and that’ll be better for some than others. The past few years have seen investors propping up mediocre portfolio companies, hoping th

TC+ Roundup: Is Getir’s most recent acquisition a sign of what’s to come?

Fast-delivery startup Getir announced last week that it was buying FreshDirect, an online grocery delivery company.

TC+ Roundup: Know your goals before taking the plunge

It’s not enough to just know your business model and potential TAM. You also have to consider your personal goals.

TC+ Roundup: Many Black founders are rooting for SVB

Before being known as the bank that collapsed, Silicon Valley Blank made a name for itself as a bank that helps support underrepresented founders.
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