EC Real Estate and Proptech

Generative AI is building the foundation of proptech’s next wave

AI’s emergence will cut through material use cases in proptech, from search and listings to mortgages, construction and sustainability.

Proptech in Review: 3 investors explain why they’re bullish on tech that makes buildings greener

3 proptech investors explain how reducing emissions can trim a building’s carbon footprint and offer new opportunities for returns.

Proptech in Review: 3 investors explain how finance-focused proptech startups can survive the downturn

3 VCs talk about which fintech-focused startups have the best shot at survival and the advice they are giving startups in their portfolios.

Got $5? These startups allow for investments in slices of real estate

As U.S. homeownership declines, startups like Landa and Fintor are helping people invest in real estate without much upfront capital.

3 views: Thoughts on Flow

Neumann and Andreessen are trying to privatize the neighborhood. Here’s why we think that’s not such a great idea.

5 construction tech investors analyze 2022 trends and opportunities

"It is difficult to find a project manager who is willing to take the risk to implement bleeding-edge tech on their project," said Heinrich Gröller, a partner at Speedinvest.

The answers to real estate’s climate tech questions may be all around us

For those who do care, there is no shortage of confusion on how to best tackle the looming threat of climate change. But what if an answer was lying right in front of us?

Infrastructure bill could promote lean construction via data capture

Construction crews’ job site knowledge is rich with insights, and technology can convert these insights into process benchmarks to improve performance, validate workers’ skills and plan projects.

Airbnb’s pandemic slingshot nears completion

Let's chat through Airbnb's quarterly results' highlights and our occasional quibble as we digest a world for technology companies that appears increasingly like the pre-pandemic days.

What does Zillow’s exit tell us about the health of the iBuying market?

Selling an asset at a loss is a bad idea in most areas of business, but it is a particularly bad idea in a market where sales cycles are slow, unpredictable and largely out of your control.

Anatomy of a SPAC: Inside’s ambitious plans

“We aren't so easily categorized,” said Better CEO Vishal Garg.

Despite the hype, construction tech will be hard to disrupt

Construction technology users are more like general consumers. This means the technology ideally must be easy to use on the first try and adaptable to a wide variety of job site protocols.

How to cut through the promotional haze and select a digital building platform

Most buildings are beginning their digital transformation and are looking for ways to bring people back, keep people healthy and create environments where people want to spend time.

Investors help Procore build a decacorn valuation in public debut

Procore is thus being valued like a high-growth, high-margin software company, but it is not one that anticipates a rapid ramp to profitability.

As tech offices begin to reopen, the workplace could look very different

This year, the whole notion of how we work and where we work is going to change yet again.

As Q2’s lull fades, unicorn IPOs are revving up

Let’s discuss IPOs this morning to fully understand where we stand today in the realm of unicorn liquidity.

Investment in construction automation is essential to rebuilding US infrastructure

One of the greatest problems facing the construction industry remains a lack of labor, making automation a necessity for moving forward with ambitious national infrastructure projects.

Fifth Wall’s Brendan Wallace and Hippo’s Assaf Wand discuss proptech’s biggest opportunities

What is the biggest opportunity for proptech founders? How should they think about competition, strategic investment versus top-tier VC firms, and how to build a board? What about navigating regulatio

Will the pandemic spur a smart rebirth for cities?

With the advent of the pandemic, there’s a historic opportunity to bring the smart city community together and revitalize these urban centers to make them more livable, sustainable and inclusive.

10 proptech investors see better era for residential and retail after pandemic

The pandemic made the internet a lifeline for shopping, earning a living and maintaining personal relationships. Now, as lockdowns start to lift, the real estate industry has to figure out what that m