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Will the American Climate Corps program be enough to meet the wave of jobs coming up in climate tech?

The White House is launching a training program that promises to prepare 20,000 people for a range of jobs across climate tech and ecosystem restoration.

Deal Dive: Elder tech is expanding beyond reactive solutions

Bold creates personalized exercise programs for seniors to reduce injury. It's one of the latest companies expanding the eldertech sector.

Can the quick grocery delivery model only work in emerging markets?

While many quick grocery delivery startups have struggled, others are still seeing growth. Why? They are focused on emerging markets.

Instacart’s IPO price range puts it close to decacorn status

The company could sell as much as $616 million worth of its stock in its IPO.

A program so nice, these founders did YC twice

Parker Conrad may be best known as the founder of both Zenefits and Rippling, but he is also arguably the best-known founder to have gone through Y Combinator’s accelerator program twice. Of cou

Deal Dive: I think I know why this company can’t land a deal

It's not surprising Victory Park Capital can't find a buyer for its stake in Perch; this market is tough for Amazon aggregator startups.

Could Arm be worth more than $51B?

Would Arm be able to wrangle a price-sales and price-earnings premium to Intel and TSMC? We think so.

Watered-down SEC fund disclosure changes still worth paying attention to

While VCs may have dodged a bullet regarding what fund disclosure rules the SEC did pass, they shouldn't overlook them.

Deal Dive: A cellular ag startup with a real moat

Would you eat lab-grown meat? Would you give the same answer if someone asked you to use a beauty product that had lab-grown collagen as an ingredient? Cellular agriculture — the process of growing

Klaviyo could break the unicorn IPO logjam

Klaviyo could be the torch bearer tech startups have been waiting for. Let's dig into its IPO filing this morning to figure out how it's grown.

Nvidia is flying high thanks to AI

When Nvidia reported earnings this week with three-digit growth, it put extra pressure on the company to continue performing at a high level.

5 trends in VC funding for pre-seed startups

Compared to H1 2022, so far this year, VCs are spending 12% less time poring over pitch decks, but founders haven’t slowed down: 16% more decks were sent out.

OMERS Ventures didn’t exit Europe because of the market — but it had good reason to

At the outset, it may seem as if the lackluster state of the European venture market may have motivated OMERS' exit, but it appears that wasn’t the case.

The bear and bull cases for Arm’s IPO

Arm's IPO could very well make or break investor and startups' appetite for more IPOs this year. What does the company have going for it?

VCs should give up on the winner-takes-all approach to investing

VCs shouldn’t get too hung up on a company’s chances of winning an entire category, because most won’t. And that’s fine.

Deal Dive: Forecasting rain on DTC’s Parade

While we don't have the numbers, it seems safe to assume Parade won't be the only DTC startup to see a similar exit.

Amplitude’s CEO feels his company would be ‘in a world of hurt’ if it hadn’t gone public in 2021

'There would be all this pressure to go public, but then there wouldn't be an appetite for it. And so [it would] be harder to get out.'

The tech jobs market is as strong as it ever was

It may feel like the tech jobs market is in the doldrums, but the data suggests that it could be much more robust than you think.

Deal Dive: This AI startup is racking up government customers

For most startups it is hard to land a government contract but IVIX has landed multiple inside the U.S. and beyond.

Startup founders should care more about Serve Robotics’ listing

Serve's going public gives us the rare opportunity to closely follow a startup's crucial, early growth days in a nascent market.
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