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US automakers need to make up their minds already

Ford and GM are hedging their bets on EVs. In times of transition, that can be a terrible way to run a business.

Can Bird’s Spin acquisition give it the lift it needs?

Back in the scooter craze days of 2019, Bird was valued at a whopping $2.5 billion.

Tesla’s margins remind us that it’s an automaker, not a tech company

Tesla's stock price took a hit after it reported decreased Q2 margins and problems that are unique to automakers, not tech companies.

Why automakers are rushing to adopt Tesla’s NACS plug and what it means to drivers

The war isn’t over yet, but with Electrify America announcing this week that it would add Tesla’s plugs, it’s close.

Legacy automakers suffer another blow as Aston Martin spurns Mercedes-AMG’s electrified tech

For over a century, automakers differentiated themselves with gas-powered engines. With EVs, all that expertise goes out the window.

Tesla opening its Superchargers to all EVs might be a masterstroke — or a terrible mistake

If Tesla follows through, it could usher in a sea change in EV charging infrastructure in the U.S. 

Toyota stumbled as Hyundai was stealing the successful Prius playbook

Toyota seems to have misjudged consumer and regulator sentiment. And perhaps more important, it has lost control of the narrative.

Bird’s plan to stay in the shared scooter game

Bird CEO and president Shane Torchiana predicts a major consolidation in the industry, with two or three companies coming out on top. Bird, he said, has a chance to be one of those companies.

The next big market opportunity for micromobility is commercial, not consumer

Whether it’s your midnight sushi burrito or those new headphones from Amazon, expect some form of e-bike to be powering your next delivery.

Can battery recycling help end US reliance on China?

China has long been the leader in battery supply and manufacturing. The Inflation Reduction Act seeks to end reliance on the East Asian country and turn the U.S. into a battery powerhouse.

GoTo’s debut shows the global IPO window is not entirely closed

A large initial public offering took GoTo public in Indonesia. Given the generally chilly global IPO climate, and the fact that GoTo managed to float without sinking, The Exchange got curious.

Gogoro’s public debut could supercharge EV battery swapping across the globe

Gogoro, the company behind Taiwan's thriving two-wheeler battery swapping ecosystem, is poised to succeed where others have tried and could not -- and now it has the cash to do so.

Despite flat growth, ride-hailing colossus Didi’s US IPO could reach $70B

Didi filed to go public in the United States last night, providing a look into how the Chinese ride-hailing company's business weathered the pandemic.