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Uber is now a profitable, cash-generating machine

This morning, let's dig into Uber's results, check how the stock market is thinking about the company, and then close with notes on what we might see from Lyft.

Turo’s Q1 2023 results indicate it may be a while until we see its IPO

Given Turo's slightly lower Q1 results, we doubt it will be racing out the door, ready to change the tenor of the IPO conversation anytime soon.

Self-driving cars are taking ages to become a reality, but they won’t take forever

My dream of never having to drive again is far from dead. I just need to add five or 10 years to my prior timelines.

Here’s why Uber investors are cheering its Q1 earnings results

It's tempting to assume that the ride-hailing model is going the way of moribund businesses, but Uber's Q1 results partially dispel those concerns.

Honey, I shrunk the revenue multiple

It's worth remembering that the difference between an actual software company and a company that offers a service via software is often massive and tough to overcome.

What’s Turo worth?

Turo could be the first out of the IPO gate when the public-offering window reopens.

Who’s to blame for all the SPAC implosions?

Autonomous trucking startup Embark SPAC'd with a multibillion-dollar price tag. It's now a smoking crater We have to ask whose fault this all was.

Gatik’s Gautam Narang on the importance of knowing your customer

We sat down with Gatik CEO and co-founder Gautam Narang to learn more about why Gatik doesn’t do free pilots, the importance of knowing your customer and what investors are looking for today.

Getaround braves chilly public markets with SPAC combination

Why did Getaround go public, and why has the reaction to its SPAC combination been so negative, so quickly?

Einride founder on building an underlying business to support future tech goals

We sat down with Einride CEO Robert Falck to talk about the challenges of reaching autonomy when connectivity on the roads is lacking, among other hot topics.

Mobileye IPO warns of potential potholes in the road to autonomous driving

Ahead of its IPO, Mobileye notes it has benefited from its first-mover advantage but now faces a proliferating number of rivals worldwide.

Treepz founder Onyeka Akumah on how to succeed in transportation tech

We caught up with Treepz co-founder and CEO Onyeka Akumah, whom we first interviewed a year ago, to check in on the African startup's progress.

Can the algorithms that ride-hailing and delivery startups use be fair?

The more opaque the algorithms, the more regulators and the public have a hard time holding companies accountable.

Drover AI’s Alex Nesic on using tech to regulate the scooter market

We sat down with Drover AI CEO Alex Nesic as part of an ongoing series of interviews with founders who are building transportation companies.

Zūm founder strikes balance between accessibility and a massive logistics network

As part of our ongoing series of interviews with transportation founders, we sat down with Zūm founder Ritu Narayan to catch up on the past year.

Empathy is essential for building a loyal team, says Kolors co-founder Anca Gardea

Kolors is following a model that it describes as “if Uber and Southwest Airlines had a baby," providing a technology layer to bus operators to help them operate more smoothly.

The disappearance of Bolt Mobility shows how corrosive depreciation can be for IRL startups

With the apparent demise of Bolt Mobility, the divide between technology businesses and those that are merely tech-enabled is back at the forefront of our minds.

What’s the ‘secret sauce’ behind Croatian EV maker Rimac?

Rimac Group made headlines after raising a Series D round that valued the Croatian startup at $2.2 billion, prompting the question: How has it succeeded where so many other EV makers have struggled?

Pitch Deck Teardown: WayRay’s $80M Series C deck

WayRay's deck consists of a whopping 75 slides — around 50 more than I would typically recommend — and it's clear that the founders took a different tack than what we're used to seeing these days.

Why Convoy’s Dan Lewis expects digital freight to go mainstream within the year

"I guess I'm glad that our plan was not to go public right now. I think it's a good thing for our business eventually to fully realize the potential of the company."
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