EC Investor Surveys

5 investors on the pros and cons of open source AI business models

As a part of TC's ongoing AI survey series, we spoke to a group of five investors about the pros and cons of open source AI business models.

How founders can cut through the noise and find events that are actually worth it

Founders get bombarded with invitations to events, and not all of them are worth it, but there are ways to figure out which will provide value.

To attend or not to attend: We asked 52 founders whether events are useful or a waste of time

There are many founder-focused events but are they actually helpful or just a distraction? Founders need to strike a balance.

What makes everyone so sure SAFE rounds are founder-friendly?

While SAFEs are generally considered founder friendly, when you get into the details it's less clear why they would be over priced rounds.

8 VCs say they are still bullish on SAFE rounds, but it’s not 2021 anymore

SAFE rounds, or simple agreements for future equity, have been around since Y Combinator invented them a decade ago. But they took on a different role in 2021 when they became a fast-moving tool that

DeFi startups need to experiment with new use cases and build solutions, investors say

Venture capitalists are still bullish on crypto and continuing to look at decentralized finance (DeFi) as a promising opportunity.

Whoops! Is generative AI already becoming a bubble?

Excitement around the sector grew so rapidly in the second half of 2022 that some investors are now saying it was probably too quick to be any good.

The cybersecurity funding bubble hasn’t burst — but it’s starting to deflate

Despite a slowdown in financing and an apparent over-investment in certain cybersecurity subsectors, investors don’t expect doom and gloom for the cybersecurity market going forward.

Despite regulatory hurdles, these 4 US cannabis investors are planting seeds for tomorrow

Bear markets and high interest rates often cause investors to turn away from anything resembling a risky investment. Yet, now is a good time to take another look at the cannabis sector in the U.S.

8 cannabis investors share their outlook on the European market in H1 2022

We asked several active investors to analyze the European market, share advice for founders building recreational and medicinal startups, and talk about what opportunities they're looking for.

6 technologists discuss how no-code tools are changing software development

To get a more in-depth look at the technical aspects of the space, we spoke to some of the technologists ushering in the no-code/low-code revolution.

10 investors discuss the no-code and low-code landscape in Q1 2022

To get a better picture of the no-code/low-code market, we spoke to a group of investors about how the space has fared since 2020, the challenges ahead, and when they expect investments to pay off.

14 climate tech investors share their H1 2022 strategies

To examine the market forces and psychology driving climate tech, we surveyed 14 international investors to learn about how they evaluate new opportunities.

10 fintech investors discuss what they’re looking for and how to pitch them in Q1 2022

We interviewed fintech investors to shed some light on just what they're looking for and the best way to pitch them.

Investors share how infrastructure as code is taking over DevOps

Infrastructure as code (IaC) has been gaining wider adoption among DevOps teams in recent years, but the complexities of data center configuration and management continue to create problems — and op

6 investors and founders forecast hockey-stick growth for Edinburgh’s startup scene

Scotland's capital Edinburgh boasts a beautiful, hilly landscape, a robust education system and good access to grant funding, public and private investment.

The return of neighborhood retail and other surprising real estate trends

As shocking as it sounds, we could be entering a much better era for small, local businesses.

8 Czech VCs on green shoots, pandemic impacts and 2021 opportunities

The Czech Republic may be better known for beer, hockey and the sights of Prague, but its entrepreneurial community is as ambitious as any.

6 Copenhagen investors share their outlook on investing in 2021

While Denmark and Copenhagen don’t often come up as a destination for European startups, it has a thriving local tech scene that’s home to some of the better startup conferences. After all, wh

8 investors discuss Stockholm’s maturing startup ecosystem

"I think there is a lot of interesting stuff coming out of Stockholm and accelerating with all recent success stories," said VNV Global's Bjorn von Sivers.
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