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6 investors explain why they are bullish about Japan’s startup scene despite an uncertain economy

Thinking of Japan often evokes notions of bleeding-edge tech mixed with deep tradition and culture. The country’s startups, however, haven’t seen the sort of growth that upstart tech companies in

Profitability over growth: 5 investors explain their mantra for South Korean startups

Five investors talk about the uniqueness of South Korean startups, how they've fared in a post-pandemic world and their investment thesis.

For startups, how many clouds to use may be the wrong question to ask

It appears the cloud strategy to follow is heavily dependent on a startup's compute load and what it aims to achieve.

The new rules of venture debt are already being written

Venture debt, in many ways, used to be an afterthought. But in the post-SVB world, raising this kind of debt is going to look very different.

5 investors discuss what’s in store for venture debt following SVB’s collapse

VCs don't think venture debt is going away anytime soon, but five investors said getting it now will look different than before.

11 investors predict a colorful, if difficult, future for psychedelic startups

How far has the psychedelics medicines industry come over the past 12 months? Well, it depends on where you look.

Four investors explain why AI ethics can’t be an afterthought

Some onus lies on investors to make sure these new technologies are being built by founders with ethics in mind.

13 VCs talk about the state of robotics investing in 2023

We spoke to 13 of the top robotics VCs to discuss where the category is and what the future looks like.

6 VCs explain why embedded insurance isn’t the only hot opportunity in insurtech

According to David Wechsler, a principal at OMERS Ventures, “having an embedded strategy is not required for venture funding.”

4 Indian investors explain how their investment strategy has changed since 2021

We surveyed a few Indian investors to better understand how they're approaching investments, which sectors have their attention and how they prefer to be approached.

3 investors presage the future of startups and VC following SVB’s downfall

"There's going to be an extreme shift in general in the financial industry when it comes to financing startups."

7 investors reveal what’s hot in fintech in Q1 2023

It appears that even though VCs are proceeding more cautiously than before and taking their time with due diligence, they are still investing.

5 investors discuss Boston’s resilient tech ecosystem

Ahead of TC City Spotlight: Boston, we gathered insights from five investors active in the area about startup trends and the resilience of the city.

Is ocean conservation the next climate tech? 7 investors explain why they’re all in

For an ecosystem that covers a majority of the planet, the oceans have basically been ignored by startups and investors alike.

6 VCs share advice for laid-off tech workers planning to launch startups

You may already have the experience investors are looking for when it comes to reaching product-market fit and solving engineering problems.

After a record 2022, 8 investors explain why it’s ‘still just Day 1’ for Africa’s startup ecosystem

What drove Africa's record deal volumes when the rest of the world was reining back the enthusiasm of 2021? We polled a few investors to find out.

Proptech in Review: Investors predict slower growth in 2023

We interviewed investors Momei Qu and AJ Malhotra about the latest tech in property and housing development.

4 investors discuss the next big wave for alternative seafood startups

Investors say regulation will help alternative seafood make additional strides, and they are optimistic that traction will be found.

Losing the horn: VCs think majority of unicorns aren’t worth $1 billion anymore

The majority of unicorns are valued at less than $2 billion, which makes it likely that most won't keep that status after their next raise.

When it comes to web3, investors say they’re in it for the long haul

Even though the hype around web3 faded in 2022, many investors are still bullish that the technology could be transformational.
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