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With Kokomo VR meeting software, Canon takes a step away from its hardware roots

Canon has a long and deep history of being a hardware manufacturer. Most consumers know it best as a camera manufacturer, but the company has a long, deep and illustrious history in medical, office eq

How the FirstBuild product co-creation studio is changing how new things are made

We spoke with André Zdanow, president at FirstBuild, about how the studio is building on the success of its nugget ice maker.

How to land investors who fund game-changing companies

For founders and investors alike, hard tech problems present a challenge — how to build a successful company over a long time horizon.

Biden’s new restrictions on exporting semiconductor tools hit China where it hurts

China has lofty goals for its semiconductor industry, but U.S. new restrictions threaten to undermine its progress.

DIY: 5 ways disruptive component startups can win over OEMs

When people see use cases in action enabled by your components, it encourages others to start using your solution.

Mobileye IPO warns of potential potholes in the road to autonomous driving

Ahead of its IPO, Mobileye notes it has benefited from its first-mover advantage but now faces a proliferating number of rivals worldwide.

What do Big Tech earnings tell us about the health of consumer demand?

How are consumers doing? Today we’re taking a look inside Big Tech results to try to answer that particular question, which relates directly to startups hoping to serve the same consumer demands.

Beyond volatility: How semiconductor companies can thrive with a focused sector strategy

From a demand perspective, we expect 70% of growth up to 2030 will be driven by just three industries: automotive, computation and data storage, and wireless.

Battery startups are working to disrupt more than just cars and trucks

Startups no longer have to pretend that they’re going to be the Next Big Thing in electrified mobility -- they can acknowledge that they have far more potential to disrupt other parts of the economy

Charged with billions in capital, meet the 9 startups developing tomorrow’s batteries today

Today’s batteries are better in every respect than those made five years ago, but they still leave much to be desired. What’s needed are some breakthroughs.

About that Deel ARR number

Deel shared that it crossed the $100 million ARR threshold, a key moment for any technology upstart as it implies that it has reached public-market scale.

Latch parts ways with CFO after difficult SPAC debut

Latch CFO Garth Mitchell is leaving the company less than a year after he assumed the role and led the company’s public market debut through a special purpose acquisition vehicle, or SPAC, an accide

Our favorite startups from YC’s Winter 2022 Demo Day, part 2

And that’s day two in the books! TechCrunch once again spent much of the day watching a parade of startups present as part of Y Combinator’s Winter 2022 cohort, Demo Day part two. Yeah, th

VCs weigh in on Europe’s future in the critical deep tech market

We discussed deep tech with Cottonwood Technology Fund's Michael Jackson, Outsized Ventures' Isabel Fox, Amadeus Capital Partners' Nick Kingsbury and Andrea Traversone, and XAnge's Cyril Bertrand.

What’s worth more: Unicorns or the biggest US tech companies?

While the biggest tech companies are taking some lumps, unicorns are collectively raising lots of money and building private-market value.

Welcome to the post-pandemic economy, startups

The latest corporate results are telling us that the pandemic is over, from a business perspective. This is critical for startups to understand.

Why startups may want to rent hardware instead of buying it

"Time is the most valuable resource in a startup, so if remote employees can get up and running faster and easier, I can see companies paying a premium for that."

It’s not a startup reckoning, it’s a recorrection

The final lesson from the pandemic bump, and later deceleration, is which startups are disruption-proof.

And just like that, Peloton is experiencing a correction

In a world of public markets, predictable futures and activist investors, failing to plan rigorously for a post-pandemic world seems borderline irresponsible.

Will quantum computing remain the domain of the specialist VC?

Despite all the buzz, quantum investments are still not mainstream: there were about 90 quantum investments in 2021.
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