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  • Kodak Wants To Sell Film Business, Focus On Printers

    Kodak Wants To Sell Film Business, Focus On Printers

    Soon, Kodak will cease to be a film company. After spending almost a decade swirling the pot and the past eight months going directly down the drain, Kodak has decided to sell its traditional film businesses (and some other camera businesses) to fully become a commercial-focused businesses, with printers at center stage. Technically, the other businesses Kodak wants to sell are called… Read More

  • What Happened To Kodak’s Moment?

    What Happened To Kodak’s Moment?

    A Kodak Moment: a rare, one-time moment that is captured by a picture, or should have been captured by a picture Click. We all had them: times you reached for a camera to stop life for a second, to grab a memory. For decades, Kodak was the rock solid standard in photography and as the 131-year old company files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, “Kodak moments” may be all that’s left… Read More