From Static To Suggestive: Nokia’s Earthmine-Powered Vision For The Future Of Maps

Nokia is preparing to rev up its engines in the location space and drive towards the future of maps. The company whose name is still synonymous with mobile phones in certain parts of the world will ha

Nokia Completes Acquisition Of 3D Street-Level Imaging Specialist Earthmine

Nokia has just announced it's completed the acquisition of earthmine, a 3D street-level imaging specialist. Nokia has previously said it plans to use earthmine's technology to bolster its digital mapp

Nokia Steps Up Its Mapping-Quest, Buys Earthmine For 3D Street Level Imaging

Nokia today is taking some big steps to upgrade its Maps division, starting with a big rebrand as <a target="_blank" href="">Here</a>. To beef up the service, today Nokia also announce

EveryScape Takes Streetview Indoors

The geographical web is growing a little bit more today, EveryScape, which we first covered in June, is launching in Boston, New York, Miami, and Aspen. On the face of it, their service is exactly the

Earthmine Aims to Index the Real World with 3D Panoramas

You’ve probably tried the “Street View” feature in Google Maps, the one in which you can actually view 3D panoramas from the street level of several cities including San Francisco, L