• $13.3 Million For Startup That Wants To Kill Snail Mail

    We first covered Earth Class Mail in September 2005 (then called Remote Control Mail), and then again when they launched in late 2006. Today they are announcing a $13.3 million round of financing ($7.4 million of the round was closed last September and $2.84 million was previously raised convertible debt). The round was led by Ignition Partners and included angels from Keiretsu Forum. Users… Read More

  • Remote Control Mail: Check Your Postal Mail on the Web

    Kirkland, Washington based company Document Command Inc. has launched its consumer facing web interface for postal mail called Remote Control Mail. The service provides an alternative to PO Boxes, mail forwarding or waiting until you get home from the road to deal with your mail. The company receives your postal mail, scans the outside of what’s sent to you and provides a web interface… Read More

  • Remote Control Mail is a Great Idea

    Company: Remote Control Mail
    Launched: Will launch early October
    Funding: Closing Angel Round
    Location: Portland, OR (development also in Russia) Overview RemoteControlMail will provide you with a permanent (snail) mail address, gather all of your incoming mail, scan (the outside), notify you of its existence (with the outside scan), scan the inside if you like (for a fee), and then… Read More