• 140 Earth-like planets found: How would you react if life were found?

    Maybe on one of these other Earth-like planets the iPhone 4 actually works? I kid, I kid. Scientists have recently discovered some 140 Earth-like planets using the Kepler telescope that launched in January, 2009. Even more exciting than that, scientists now estimate that there could be as many as 100 million (!) planets in our galaxy alone—remember that there’s estimated to be… Read More

  • Use your laptop to detect the next big earthquake before it happens

    It’s pretty great that people are just now realizing that Planet Earth isn’t some sort of static strip mall. There are volcanoes, and earthquakes, and hurricanes, and tornadoes, and tsunamis—objects from outer space regularly invade the atmosphere. This planet is alive, brother! So, idea: you know how certain laptop models, like ThinkPads and MacBooks, come with built-in… Read More

  • Very strange-looking face masks appear in Japan (video)

    Contrary to popular belief, a lot of Japanese people wearing face masks in public aren’t in fear of getting infected but intend not to infect others. This was the situation before the swine flu hit Japan, at least. Nowadays, the masks enjoy particularly brisk sales and the flu seems to trigger innovations, too, i.e. these new masks that stick to the wearer’s face. Read More

  • Carbon Diem tracks your carbon footprint on your cellphone

    A company has developed software for your cellphone that automatically calculates your carbon footprint. The program, called Carbon Diem, uses your GPS to calculate how fast you’re moving. It then interprets that data to calculate your carbon footprint. If you’re traveling by car you’re killing Mother Earth; if you’re walking about you deserve a gold star. Carbon… Read More

  • Meteorite chunk about 300 pounds, 5 billion years old

    Here’s a large, dense chunk of the meteor that hit near present-day Flagstaff, Arizona roughly 50,000 years ago. It’s on display at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and, according to Chief Astronomer Derrick Pitts, is older than Earth itself. It’s not a gadget, sure, but in the hopes that some of our readers’ interests cross over into the space and astronomy… Read More