Crunch Report | This Black Friday could be the biggest ever for mobile and we found a new planet

Today’s Stories  This Black Friday could be the biggest ever for mobile shopping Amazon blames the postal service for Amazon Fresh delivery issues Scientists found a new Earth-sized planet nearby C

Crunch Report | Using SpaceX Spaceships to Travel on Earth

Elon Musk plans to use SpaceX spaceships for travel on Earth, Apple has quietly acquired Regaind and South Korea decides to ban ICOs. All this on Crunch Report.

Indonesia’s Printerous raises $1.4M to digitize traditional printing

Printerous, an Indonesia startup that is bringing the country’s printing industry into the digital era, has raised $1.4 million. The round was led by Golden Gate Ventures with participation fro

Crunch Report | Snap Preps for IPO

Snap preps for the Street, Microsoft releases announcements benefiting the Linux and Macintosh ecosystems and Google Earth is now in VR. All this on Crunch Report.

No Man’s Sky players discover over 10M unique in-game species overnight

The space exploration game No Man’s Sky features biodiversity that would make Earth weep with envy, and players are incredibly avid taxonomers. Hello Games founder Sean Murray tweeted today that

NASA Snaps The Mother Of All Earth Selfies

NASA has been doing some really amazing stuff lately, including in-depth and vivid photography (in case you missed it, check out its recent Pluto fly-by). This particular photo, which I feel like is

Hands On And Walkthrough With The New, Much More Beautiful Google Maps

Google took the lid off of its new version of Maps at <a href="">I/O 2013</a> today, which is a dramatic redesign of the long-standing navigation and place-findi

Google Launches Its Third Year Of Earth Developer Grants For Maps That Help Nonprofits Accomplish A Mission

Google has opened applications for its third annual Google Earth Outreach Developer Grants. The program provides $10K-$20K of funding to nonprofits that are willing to use Google’s Map technolog

Astrophysicist: Earth Worth ‘Three Thousand Trillion’ Pounds Sterling

<img src="" />Here's a silly science story for your Tuesday afternoon, as we sit here waiting patiently for Chelsea-Manchester Uni

Google Lunar X-Prize Confirms 29 Teams (But Winner Not Expected From This Crop)

<img src="" />The teams have been finalized for the <a HREF="">Google Lunar X-Prize</a>! A total of

German Satellites Fly Extraordinarily Close To Each Other In 3D Earth-Mapping Effort

<img src="" />Leave it to Germany to create the most detailed 3D map of the planet that has ever existed. Two satellites, TanDEM-X and

Will the asteroid known as 1999 RQ36 destroy all life on the planet, thereby preventing you from dinging 80?

<img src="" />Not to alarm you, but we only have 172 years to live, so better <a HREF="

140 Earth-like planets found: How would you react if life were found?

<img src="" />Maybe on one of these other Earth-like planets the iPhone 4 actually works? I kid, I kid. Scientists have recently disco

Use your laptop to detect the next big earthquake before it happens

<img src="" />It's pretty great that people are just now realizing that Planet Earth isn't some sort of static strip mall. The

Very strange-looking face masks appear in Japan (video)

<img src="" /> Contrary to popular belief, a lot of Japanese people wearing face masks in public aren't in fear of getting in

Carbon Diem tracks your carbon footprint on your cellphone

A company has developed software for your cellphone that automatically calculates your carbon footprint. The program, called Carbon Diem, uses your GPS to calculate how fast you’re moving. It th

Meteorite chunk about 300 pounds, 5 billion years old

Here’s a large, dense chunk of the meteor that hit near present-day Flagstaff, Arizona roughly 50,000 years ago. It’s on display at The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia and, according to