Apple’s Smart Earphone Patent Is Designed For Sharing A Single Set

Apple has a patent for earphones (via AppleInsider) that pretty ingeniously suits common usage – the headphones described in the document can automatically detect multiple users using one earbud api

Apple Patents Power Efficient, Sensor-Filled Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Apple has a couple of new patent applications (via AppleInsider) for headset tech that could drastically reduce the power consumption of noise cancelling earbuds, which could also stop or start music

Apple Patents Headphones That Recognize When You’re Speaking And Tune For Better Audio Quality

Apple has a new patent application for a tech that could improve the design of its pre-packaged iOS device headphones, AppleInsider has found. The new patent describes earbuds with a built-in mic that

Ears-On With Apple’s New EarPods: Better Bass, Better Looks, Just Better

Apple's new EarPods are available to order today in the Apple Store, but we were lucky enough to get a pair here at TechCrunch for some early testing. The new design is definitely eye-catching, but do