Wireless headphones and earbuds to fit your budget

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Anker’s Spirit earbuds are wireless and waterproof

Anker, a battery maker turned accessory house, recently released the $39 Spirit X earbuds under their Soundcore brand. Aimed at runners and other heavy sweaters, the earbuds are completely waterproof

Smart earbuds startup Doppler Labs shuts down after raising $50M+

Doppler Labs, a smart earbud company that raised more than $50 million in funding from backers like Universal Music, Live Nation and the Chernin Group has shut down after running out of cash and optio

Samsung’s Gear IconX earbuds find life outside the gym

Far and away the question I get asked the most when I’m wearing a pair of AirPods is: do they stay in? It’s a fair question, and for the answer is, yes, but probably not for everyone. I like the w

Optoma’s NuForce BE Free8 wireless headphones are a smart AirPods alternative

Optoma has released new fully wireless headphones under its ‘NuForce’ audio sub brand, the BE Free8 earbuds. These are like Apple’s AirPods, requiring no wire to connect them, and th

Beats X bring Apple’s wireless headphone tech to a tethered form factor

It’s hard to say precisely what took Beats X so long to arrive. Unlike Apple’s own house-branded AirPods, the company didn’t really start from scratch. Sure, it’s a somewhat new form factor, b

Under Armour brings heart-rate monitoring and a bulky design to its Bluetooth earbuds

First and foremost, a pair of earbuds ought to be comfortable. I mean, if you don’t want to wear the things around, what’s the point, really? But try as I might, I just couldn’t get a good fit w

Nuheara’s earbuds/hearing aids are open for general pre-order

Nuheara’s IQbuds are strange little things. It took a rep a few tries to properly explain the things when they first crossed my radar. And honestly, it wasn’t until I took the things for a spin on

Mophie’s charging case is a no-brainer for wireless earbud owners

Being synonymous with a particular product category is a mixed blessing. Mophie is undoubtedly the best-known name in the battery case business, but the company has been keen to distance itself from

The JBL Reflect Aware is the first of a new crop of Lightning-only headphones

As we hurtle noiselessly into a dystopian future, headphone makers have already started offering Lightning-only earbuds, something that should give early adopters some solace but might be a hard sell

Jabra joins the fully wireless earbud game

Jabra’s still probably best known for its headsets/teleconferencing devices, but the company’s been making a fairly aggressive push into consumer headphones of late. Of particular interest is the

Three Challenges For The Hearables Future

In Spike Jonze’s Her, Joaquin Phoenix falls in love with his earpiece -- or rather, the female voice inside it. The film depicts a society in which artificially intelligent hearing devices serve as

RHA T10i Review: Earbuds That Go Above And Beyond To Suit All Tastes

A good in-ear headphone is like a truly good book – most of the time, you’re settling for “good enough,” and a true masterpiece only comes along once in a while. The new RHA T10i i

Normal Makes Headphones 3D-Printed To Your Ear

Hello, world. Meet Normal, the customized, high-end earphone manufacturer that's looking to bring 3D printing to the mass market. From its offices and manufacturing facility in Manhattan's Chelsea nei

Apple Patents Power Efficient, Sensor-Filled Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Apple has a couple of new patent applications (via AppleInsider) for headset tech that could drastically reduce the power consumption of noise cancelling earbuds, which could also stop or start music

Apple Patents Headphones With Integrated Activity, Health And Fitness Tracking

Apple has been granted a patent by the USPTO today (via AppleInsider) that could fit in with its apparent plans to get into health and fitness tracking in a big way: the document describes a headphone

Zipi Solves The Single Most Annoying Thing About Using Earbuds

The Zipi is a Kickstarter project that appears humble and almost silly on the surface, but that actually solves one of the biggest problems I have with day-to-day use of earbud headphones. I use earbu

Split Lives Up To Its Name, Creates Cheap Earbud Headphones With Absolutely No Cords

Even wireless earbuds have wires, let's be honest – they have to, in order to link one earbud to the other. It's been an impossible barrier to cross in headphone design, with some exceptions that ge

Apple Exploring Earbud Tech That Can Compensate For Specific Fit In Each User’s Ear

The USPTO is big on Apple patents this morning, with a new application published around earbud technology. Apple's own earbud designs have been mostly underwhelming, even if the last change for the st

Altec Lansing Headphones Go Custom

Altec Lansing has been trying to sell custom headphones with for a while now but this year they're getting serious. In a joint effort between A-L and ACS customs, a UK company, they are now selling $9
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