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  • Fender’s first foray into headphones sounds great

    Fender’s first foray into headphones sounds great

    I was cynical at first. I mean, I still have some underlying (if not entirely well-founded) suspicions that Fender’s new line of in-ear monitors is part of a bigger play to expand beyond its customary guitar and amp offerings. But if the FXA6 is, indeed, just the first step of some larger world domination plan, it’s an extremely solid one. I know I’m not the only one who… Read More

  • Fender cashes in its cool with consumer in-ear monitor headphones

    Fender cashes in its cool with consumer in-ear monitor headphones

    After 70 years of rocking musicians with its guitars and amps, Fender today released its first general consumer product: a range of headphones that double as in-ear monitors for performers. They sound vibrant and clear, even at loud volumes, and run from $99 for the DXA1 to $499 for the audiophile-worthy FXA7. Instead of just being earbuds, the hand-assembled housings fill up the concha of… Read More

  • Ease Seasonal Depression The Easy Way With Valkee Ear Buds

    I’ve always worried about people on depression meds; there are all kinds of meds, like Prozac and whatnot, then if that’s not working–probably due to overuse–there’s Abilify. Are you f’in kidding me? Stop these bad things now! Now! And check out some depression-fighting ear buds. Read More

  • Show the world you mean business with weiner dog ear buds

    Do you love weiner dogs? Like REALLY love them? Don’t just say you love them to impress the internet. Read More

  • New germ-free earphone concept doubles as accessory

    In order to combat the germ farm that is the inside of your ear, designer Yoonsang Kim has dreamed up the Holeder Earphone, new fangled ear buds that don’t fully stick in your ear. They also conveniently link together when not in use forming a techy necklace. via Yanko Design Read More