• Samsung E6 reader coming this spring, B&N to provide content

    The Nook is soon going to have a bit of competition on its home playing field when the Samsung E6 reader hits shelves this coming spring. Although it probably doesn’t have much to worry about. We spent sometime with the slider at CES and can’t see any reason why most consumers would opt for the $399 reader instead of the hot Nook. Read More

  • First hands on: Samsung E6 e-book reader

    So Matt and I just got our hands on the Samsung E6, the company’s first electronic book reader. As a device it’s not bad, but compared to what’s out there you just know that Samsung was all, “We need to release something to get a foothold in the market.” The 6-inch e-redaer slides open, quite possibly like a phone you once owned. It’s only black and white… Read More