e3 2014

I Hath Seen The Future Of Video Games!

When considering the latest E3 I'm minded by how the games seem very cool, but the industry as represented by E3 has never been more divided. I'm pondering whether the promise of an ultimate platform

The Next Legend Of Zelda Game Lands On The Wii U In 2015

At its E3 press conference this morning, Nintendo gave us the first real look at the first game in the "Legend of Zelda" series to be made from the ground up for the Wii U.

Mario Maker Lets You Build Your Own Levels For The Greatest Platformer – And Tweak Graphics

Nintendo debuted Mario Maker at its E3 special digital event, which allows you to build your own courses for the famous plumber to navigate. You can build the courses on your Wii U, and paint using ti

Nintendo Reveals Amiibo, Skylanders-Style NFC Figurines That Evolve As You Play

Today during its digital event, Nintendo revealed Amiibo, its new product category of Skylander and Disney Infinity-style collectible figurines. These include an NFC chip, and when used with a Wii U c

At E3 2014, Microsoft Played Catch-Up While Sony Leapt Ahead

Sony and Microsoft, the two biggest current home console makers (Nintendo is today, but the Wii U hardly compares anymore), have both had their chance to impress via splashy E3 conference keynotes, an

PlayStation TV Coming To US And Canada This Fall For $99

At its E3 press conference, Sony just announced that the PlayStation TV game console (known as the PlayStation Vita TV abroad) is coming to the United States and Canada this fall. The PlayStation TV w

Sony Announces White PlayStation 4 As Part Of Destiny Bundle, Coming September 9

Sony kicked off its E3 press conference with a bang. After opening with a new trailer for Destiny, the new shooter from Bungie Studios, the company announced that the game's release date would include

Watch Sony’s PlayStation 4 E3 2014 Press Conference Here

Last year, Sony's E3 conference was all about the PlayStation 4. The console had yet to launch, and many gamers were eagerly waiting for the successor to the PS3. But this year, Sony shouldn't be anno

SteelSeries Teams With Tobii To Track Your Eyes And Make You A Better Gamer

It's not too often we see a truly novel gaming accessory; generally speaking companies are happy to slap a few stickers or a new coat of paint on existing controllers and headsets and call it a day. S

The Battlefield Hardline Closed Beta Starts Today

First-person shooter fans, rejoice: EA decided to surprise everyone at E3 today by announcing that the closed beta for Battlefield Hardline is available today for a limited number of gamers on the PC

Games And Virtual Reality Likely To Take Center Stage At E3 2014

This year’s E3 gaming expo in LA is set to kick off today, with Sony and Microsoft keynotes scheduled for mid-day and this evening, and Nintendo set to show off its news tomorrow. All indication

Watch Sony’s PlayStation 4 E3 2014 Press Conference Here

Tune back on Monday, June 9 at 6:00 pm PDT to watch Sony’s E3 press conference. Sony will also broadcast the conference in 40-50 movie theaters across the U.S. and Canada. Last year, Sony’

Watch Nintendo’s Wii U E3 2014 Press Conference Here

For the second year in a row, Nintendo is not holding a traditional press conference. The company is forgoing the usual dog and pony show for a live <em>Super Smash Bros. for Wii U</em> tournament at

Watch Microsoft’s Xbox One E3 2014 Press Conference Here

It's safe to say that Microsoft is once again the underdog in the gaming world. The PS4 is handily outselling the Xbox One and Microsoft just retreated on its stance about the Kinect by releasing an X