e3 2007

CrunchArcade: Sony is Ready to Play

Traditionally known for the longest press conference at the Electronic Entertainment Expo Sony Computer Entertainment hasn’t been one to “leave them wanting more.” And despite the scaled back E3

Gears of War PC Edition Coming Home for the Holidays

Previously reported with a launch date of “eventually”, Gears of War for the PC has been tagged with a somewhat less murky launch date of “sometime holiday season 2007” and a s

Wii Mario Kart Comes Out in Forever Plus Infinity

For those of us who have been impatiently waiting for Mario Kart to be released on the Wii, that wait is finally over. Almost. Actually, not almost. Not even close. Nintendo announced today that Mario

XBox Chatpad Outed, Will Cost $30, Available Sept. 4

XBox360Fanboy found the product page for the mini XBox360 Chatpad, the little device that will fit under your gamepad and let you type messages to your friends and neighbors. It will cost $30, will be

CrunchArcade From E3: Microsoft Gets the Game, No Price Cut Announced for Xbox 360

It’s that time of year again… well, actually it should have been that time of year two months ago, but at any rate E3 has arrived. The Electronic Entertainment Expo is the Mecca for all things