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Gaia raises $3M to bring more science to the art of forestry

It’s all good and well to sell a carbon credit, but if you chop down the tree representing that credit as soon as the money hits the bank account, it’s not exactly a win for the planet. Ga

Brelyon is turning heads with immersive virtual monitors

MIT spin-off Brelyon first showed off its tech at CES in Vegas back in January. Today it is announcing it has raised a chunk of cash, and I spoke to the company’s CEO to get a heads-up on what h

Here’s everything you missed at TC Sessions: Robotics 2022

In case you missed it, robots took over TechCrunch on Thursday, July 21. We played host to the robotic industry’s leading startups, researchers and academics at TC Sessions: Robotics. The event

Source makes greenhouses smarter to secure the future of food supply

Agtech startup Source.ag today announced it harvested a $10 million investment to make greenhouses smarter. The founders have set their eyes on a horizon where, driven by climate change and a rapid in

Overjet sinks its teeth into another round of capital for its dental AI tech

Overjet is now covering nearly 75 million members through its dental insurance partnerships.