• BlueOak Raises $35 Million For Its Factory That Mines Electronics

    BlueOak Raises $35 Million For Its Factory That Mines Electronics

    BlueOak Resources, a startup company backed by some of the biggest names in U.S. venture capital has raised $35 million in project financing to mine precious metals in Arkansas. BlueOak won’t be strip-mining, open-pit mining, or moving mountains to get at precious metals. Instead the company intends to build mini-refineries that will extract the wealth of gold, silver, copper, and… Read More

  • This Is Why You Don’t Need A New Phone

    This Is Why You Don’t Need A New Phone

    Network World has an excellent pictorial slideshow that shows us just how ridiculous our neophilia has gotten. While it’s weak sauce coming from a site that celebrates the new, it’s clear that our constant drive to upgrade, improve, and innovate, has its drawbacks. Read More

  • Car Battery Makers, Johnson Controls, Building A $150 Million Recycling Plant In South Carolina

    Automotive parts and batteries manufacturer, Johnson Controls Inc., broke ground on a new, battery recycling plant in Florence, South Carolina, today. Local and national environmental groups there reached consensus with the company on air emissions standards in August 2010, allowing the company to embark on its plans to build a $150 million facility, taking up about 36 acres of a 270-acre… Read More

  • Plan now for dealing with holiday e-waste

    Chances are you’ll be replacing some tried-and-true piece of personal electronics with a newer, faster, better model. Whether it’s replacing an MP3 player with a new one, or replacing an old computer or laptop, what do you do with the old stuff? Hopefully you don’t just throw it away, especially if it still works! Read More

  • Video: E-Waste in China, a toxic industry

    http://current.com/e/76355482/en_US Current has, in its Naked China series of videos, this interesting but scary breakdown of just what happens to all those old PCs, printers, and DVD players that are obsoleted every year and binned. In a place like China, where manual labor is their most abundant natural resource, it isn’t hard to turn a profit from tearing down imported e-waste and… Read More

  • Guiyu, e-waste capital of China

    Photos like these (check out the accompanying multimedia presentation) make me rethink my entire career as tech journalist. This is a mess. In Guiyu, China, the electronics recycling industry has destroyed the ground water and lead poisoning is effecting young children due to the overall mess created by this lucrative sweatshop industry. Money is money, however, and we should start talking… Read More